May 15, 2012

You know you're a blogger when...

Kelle Hampton is a household name.

People in your phone are saved under names like:
"Bargain Blonde"
"Young & Fab"
"Busy Bee Kristin"
 "Kentucky Jess"
 "Buckeye Katie"

Thanks to fashion bloggers, your shopping habits have become borderline obsessive/compulsive.

The only places you shop are from other bloggers' Etsy shops &/or Marley Lilly.

Your mailbox gets more love letters than it does bills. <3

You take pictures of anything remotely close to being "blog material".

Your latest meal was either blog or Pinterest inspired.
[Applesauce cupcake/muffin recipe here]

"#OOTD" is something even your husband knows the meaning of...

Sunday nights consist of picture uploading & photo dumping.

Your most recent vacations are spent with complete strangers.

Your new girlfriends live thousands of miles away and you've probably never met them.

"HTML", "followers" and "pageviews" are now everyday vocabulary.

The top of your wish list is your first DSLR camera
even though you don't know a lick about photography.

Your husband rolls his eyes every time you snap a photo because he knows,
damn well, that you're about to blast his face all over the world wide web. 
[Poor guy!]

When shut down, it was the worst day of your blogging life because you knew, that very moment, you were going to fork up an arm and a leg to buy and learn how to use Photoshop. (Or stick with a free site like
Amiright? Or amiright?!


  1. Spot on! The hubs is always rolling his eyes when I snap photos too! "I better not see that picture on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter or your blog!"

    And he's always asking "How many page views are you up to this month?"

    Ahh, the joys!

  2. I love it!! And it's all so completely true!

  3. True True! I love it! It was truely a sad sad day when picnik shut down. Thanks for sharing the picmonkey site. I didn't know about that :)

    Have a great day!!


    LOVE this. Vaca with strangers..hell to the yes. ONE WEEK AND 1 DAY. I'm annoying. KELLE H I talk about daily. k bye


  5. Another site you can use is It's almost the exact same thing as picnik, I searched the web for a days just to find a site like picnik, I almost like it better then picmonkey!

  6. so glad to see I made it on the blogger phone list......


  7. Okay, seriously, I have been looking for a photo editing website since Picnik closed and been SO frustrated! No need to worry--Stephanie to the rescue! Thanks SO much!


  8. oh. my. GAWD! I love this post. And not because I'm mentioned (wuahaha). SOOOOOOO FREAKING TRUE ON EVERY LEVEL!!!!!! If only my friends could understand this. They wouldn't think I was so cray. Literally every picture I take I say" it's for the blog!" People are getting so sick of me taking food and drink and decor pics. Hahahahah haters gonna hateeeee

  9. So, so true! Jake was looking at my phone the other day, and was like "Who is Young & Fab, and why is she texting you??" HAHAHAHA

  10. STOP IT! This is so funny and so true! I love the one with your husband & you're like, "Cheese! I'm about to blast you all over the WWW!"

    Happy Tuesday!

  11. HAHAHA! This is SO true on so many levels! Matt, my boyfriend, even takes pics "for the sake of the blog" or because "it's good blogging material"! LOL! I love this blog world & am so glad I'm a part of it! Great post!!!

  12. Hahaha! So funny because it is so true! Only other bloggers understand. How could we possibly explain this to our 'normal' (non blogger) friends??

  13. This is so true only I have people in my phone as Steph Blogger bahahah

  14. You are soo right! Love me some Kelle Hampton! And YOU Miss Mess are pretty popular yourself. Or I seem to think so! ;)

  15. You are so right, so right it's somewhat scary, and I'm so glad and proud to be a newbie to this fantabulous little land.

  16. Hahaha, this is hilarious. I literally went to picnik the other day without even realizing what I was doing - it was the first time since it shut down that I somehow just typed in the address! :)


  17. hahaha sooo true! have a great week!

  18. I was driving home from work Friday and saw a guy walking a dog. I literally said out loud "omg that looks like lattee!" aka k.hamptons DOG. Like legit its a problem haahah i want to live in their family for like a month i love them so much!

    these are all SO TRUE! i cant take a pic of kurt or anything without him being like dont post my life all over the world! hahah psshh dont they know we need material?

    i TOTALLLY do the blog names in my text hahah :-) LOVE YOU!

    omg steph 10 days. I am about to piss myself with excitement. Dont worry i wont do that in person :-)


  19. Couldn't have said it better! Especially about the camera being on top of your wish list! I don't even know how to use the damn thing, but I sure do want one:)

  20. So true! Is it sad that my thoughts in my head feel like blog posts?
    Ha! Love your candor!

  21. haha! My husband has to give into all the pictures also!

    good thing they are good sports!

  22. I couldn't have said it better myself!! Let me say that I took a silly video of Shawn [after much begging] with full intentions of putting it on le blog.. only my begging consisted of promising it wouldn't end up on said blog.. so, I am waiting until he forgots about then *BAM* it's going up.

  23. this post is hilaaarious and so true!! in the beginning my boy was so irritated getting his pic taken or being in a picture and after a few months i just get the occasional eye roll hahah poor guy. Still wrkin on getting him to do a vlog! LOL xo

  24. This is sooo spot on!
    agree on EVERYTHING :)

  25. haha love this post, and you are so right!

    ps. I think we need to plan a blate, because i'm now living in your neck of the woods. Good ole H-Town!

  26. Standing ovation, my dear!

  27. Too funny! My husband is the same way every time I take a pic of him, he'll say, "This is going on your blog isn't it?" LOL

  28. You hit the nail on the head!

  29. Hahaha I love this post! I was SO sad when picnik died. I got the 30 day trial for Photoshop, but I have nooo clue where to start. Picmonkey it is!

  30. LMAO this is amazingggggg and SO true! I can't wait for Friday muffin mess! You're the dot to my i :) OH and how LAME is it that I can't even post about our weekend yet :( Our computer IS STILL NOT FREAKING FIXED. Now that's a bloggers worst nightmare. I love you and all of this is SO friggin' true. Bahahahaha. Loves.

  31. Ohhh man! I was nodding the whole way through this! Such a true story!

  32. Oh my! You couldn't have been more right with this post.

  33. Hey girl! Thanks for leaving a comment over at my blog. We are super excited to watch Sean on The Bachelorette. He's sweet inside and out, so we anticipate a fun season!! Check back again!


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