May 2, 2012

'Tis true!

This weekend...I have yet another blacation up my sleeve!
(PS: blacation = blogger + vacation...remember??)

Yep. we're packing up and heading to the Texas Hill Country with these two love bumpkins!!

For those of you who don't recognize these two pretty faces, go ahead and climb out from under that rock and allow me to introduce you to Shalyn & DDHP. (Drew Drew Hot Pants...DUH.)

Oh wait. Who am I do to do the introducing when I have never personally met them myself?

Sidenote: Is it just me or is it a little ironic that her husband goes by DDHP and mine goes by BBFT? Both have 4 initial nicknames deemed by other bloggers. Coincidence? I think not...

Anyways...Shaybaybay (as she goes by on the streets) and I have been planning an epic meet up for quite some time now. Do they come to Houston? Do we go to Austin? Should we meet somewhere neutral? Ahh SCREW IT! Let's take this thing to the river, shall we?!

Yes. Yes we shall!

Not gonna lie...we have a pretty legit weekend planned out thus far which may or may not consist of sunnin' our buns on the Frio River with an ice chest full of booze. (And maybe even another little surprise but you'll just have to wait and see!) Sounds like heaven, right?!

I really do hope they think we're 1/2 as cool as what I portray here on this blog of mine...I mean...Katie & her husband thought we were legit but they're also from up north's obvious that any northerner would love them some crazy Texans! ;)

So, really, who wouldn't want to hang out with these two...

(If you don't have time to watch the entire thing, at least watch from 1:30 and on...I's worth your time.)

Shalyn & DDHP: I am NOT sorry for posting this video!
We can't WAIT to see y'all in a couple days!!


  1. They seriously are the cutest!!! I hope you guys take lots of pictures and have a blast!! We know you will!!

  2. sooooo jealous! y'all will haev a blast!! LOVE shalyn!

  3. super cute and super jealous of Texas Hill Country time! I was there two weekends ago for girls' trip have fun

  4. omg that is super cute!!!! Lol. I tried to get my husband to do this but he wouldn't because he was too shy.

  5. They're such a gorgeous couple!!

  6. omg! that was soo soo cute! loved it :) have fun this weekend! sounds pretty aaammmmaaazzinng if you ask me!

  7. What a cute video! Hope ya'll have lots of fun! :)

    XOXO, Clarissa

  8. That vid is hilarious, haha! Sounds like y'all have a fun trip planned! xoxo

  9. omg how cute was their first dance!?

  10. You have the best meet-ups! Always on the water somewhere!!!
    I love their first dance so much.

  11. So jealous you're going on another Blate! I can't wait to go on one this summer:)


  12. That video was hilarious! I am sure you all will have a great time together!

  13. How much fun!!! I bet you all have a blast. Can't wait to hear all about it :)

  14. jealous! have a great time!!

  15. I hope y'all have sooo much fun! I LOVE floating the Frio River! & what a perfect weekend!!! We're thinking about doing a river trip there this year instead of the Guadalupe b/c ya know... We've always gone to Concan, where do y'all go?

  16. SO AMAZING OMG!! i wanna be tehre!!

    :) :)

    theyre the best.....seriously! cant wait to see pics and texts and everything!!


  17. OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENINGGGGGGGGGGGGG EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! It's going to be so fun! AHHH! BBFT AND DDHP whoot whoot! LOL! I seriously am sitting in my cubicle at work right now getting antsy! You're amazing and I KNOW we will love y'all even more than we do now! BLACATION what whatttt!!!! Love your face and can't wait to see it TOMORROW and hug the mess out of both of you! Great times to be had! Get your booty ready cause we are about to get downnnnn girlfran lol. Love you!

  18. P.s.) Raven's comment made me crack up. LOL love her.

  19. This wedding video is absolutely hilarious. You guys sound like you're going to get along perfectly. It would probably make for a good movie...

  20. Yall are effin crazy & I LOVE it! I'm so freakin jealous!


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