May 17, 2012

A couple things {+ a warm welcome}

Well, friends. Here we are...yet another Thirsty Thursday is upon us and I can already tell Skinny Girl cucumber infused vodka is calling my little name. Come onnnnn five o'clock! (Sidenote: if you like cucumbers and you like vodka, go to the nearest liquor store STAT. If you don't like either, we can't be friends.)

This time next week, I'll be waking up in a state that starts and ends with the letter "O" (ahem...Ohio) followed by snuggles with Mr. Rocky, many-a-trips to McDonald's for mine and Katie's traditional iced coffee runs and most likely, breakfast in bed. (Katie...did you get that?)

Enough about I need you to meet a new friend.
(Yay for new friends!! Right?!)

My sweet, sweet sorority sister, Samantha, has started her blogging journey!!

She's a native Houstonian, which (obviously) solidifies her legit-ness, aaaand is a hoot and a half. In college, we all referred to her as "DJ Sammy" but her paparazzi-like skills make me think we should have called her "Sir-Snaps-A-Lot". This girl made me laugh so incredibly much back in the day. If it weren't for all the booze cancelling it out, I would have been one skinny mofo from all the calories burned just laughing at/with her. You need to meet Sam. And then follow her. And then congratulate her on her very first blog post! (Secret: she despises the word "moist" so go ahead and throw that word around in the comment box, would ya?!)

Expanding this blog world one person at a time!
What?! What?! In the butt! I just said that...

...I'm gonna go ahead and leave on that note.


  1. Houstonian...LOVE that word!!! going to stalk her blog now! If shes a friend of yours, im sure she's amazeballs! :-)

    6 days for you?!?! DAMN. How am I going to last an extra 2!!

    speaking of new awesome people starting in blog world, you need to speak with your beau beau...maybe him Billy and DDHP should start a tri-man blog

    omg imagine?


  2. I'm picking up that cucumber liquor. Sounds delicious! :)

    On a side note, I can't handle the M-word either. I'm not sure WHY it bothers me so much, but it grosses me out

  3. Erica just started what I believe to be an amazing trifecta man post. Yessssssssssssssss.........

    Breakfast in bed? What is this..a B&B? You will get tylenol, that is about it. Oh, and maybe..just iced coffee. Our TRADISH!!!!!! :)

    kidding. I may make you something but not on Friday since that's my day of birth. I'll allow you to make me something extra special that morning

    (I'm already laughing at your inappropriate response to that)

  4. I like cucumbers and I like Vodka, but I'm not a fan of the Skinny Girl drinks that I have had so far :(

    You brought up McD have you had the Cherry Berry chillers???! To dieee for! You must try one! I'm addicted.

    I work with a girl that also hates the word moist. Someone says it around her and her nose automatically wrinkles up. hahah

  5. Um cucumber vodka? I die. I'll go buy it right now. And hide it in my desk until 5.

  6. WHAT!? I need that vodka. I don't think we have it here yet, damn Canada. You bet I am getting some shipped to me! ha

  7. I had a friend in my sorority that didn't like the word "moist" either...weird!

  8. that vodka sounds delicious! Have you tried another other skinnygirl?

  9. I didn't even know about Skinnygirl Vodka! I drink the Margaritas on the reg, but I am going to have to go to the ABC store stat!

  10. I don't know that I've heard of this Skinnygirl Vodka, but I like cucumber infused water so it's basically the same, right?! ;)

  11. -love- the fact that you just said "what what in the butt". I was just introduced to that video the other day & nearly peed myself laughing so hard! :)

    I hope you'll check out my blog, too! :)

    Thanks, girl!

  12. Oh & I also just read on your about me that you are a DZ! :) Shut the front door, SISTER! Me too! :) I was a Delta Zeta at Arkansas Tech University! :) How exciting! This makes me even more ecstatic to follow your blog!


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