May 29, 2013

List of Happy

Here lately, I can't help but realize how completely content with life I've been. Not that I don't still worry about paying bills, toning up my flabby thighs or who's going to clean the house today...because trust me...I do...but overall, I've really been noticing just how blissful life really is.

It's humbling.

I challenge you to take a step back from the day to day grind and cherish some of the little things in life, y'all. You may be really surprised with how much you have to be happy about!

My current list of happy...

*Texas pecan coffee...with love notes on the side

*productive mornings that consist of a full workout, a load of laundry, a round of dishes and even a little QT with the husband and Oakley...all before 9am

*becoming an aunt...very, very soon! (And by "very soon" I mean NEXT WEEK!!!!)

*happy hours with girlfriends

*The Bachelorette-is it just me or do y'all just ADORE Desiree?!

*sweet mail from even sweeter friends

*morning chats with my mom and aunt

*giant, sleepy puppy paws

*my new job and how exciting/stress-free it is (for now, I should say...)

*a much needed vacation in our near future. Le sigh...


*Big, beautiful porches, the Texas hill country and my lioness of a dog...

Take the happy challenge and tell me... 
What's making you happy?!


  1. Yes! I love these posts! So glad that you have so many things to be thankful for!

  2. It is seriously the little things we need to remember. Love notes from the hubs are the best!!Love your Happy List :)

  3. I'm not on this list and that is def not happy. ;) xoxooo

  4. Love this! I have been so consumed with Wedding planning and everything else that follows I don't think I have had a chance to sit back and just appreciate what I have to be thankful for. I need to slow down a bit! Thanks for reminding me and those paws!! they are right up there in size with Tanks!!!

  5. Love seeing all the positivity :)

    Whenever I notice my H or I getting negative, I bring up all the amazing things/people/opportunities that are in our lives and it immeditately changes our moods.

  6. Your dog is too cute! And I LOVE that porch. I have always wanted to huge porch.

  7. I am thankful for quiet mornings sitting on my front porch watching the dogs play in the simple, so peaceful.

  8. Oh my I bet little miss LOVED that porch and being out in the country! I can't believe how big she is getting!

  9. Oakley is such a gorgeous pup! I love how she's not quite used to what a big girl she is. It is such a delight to read positive posts about life's daily joys. Thank you for brightening my day!

  10. This list even made me happy and it's not my life! :p's so easy to get caught up in the everyday routine that oftentimes we don't notice the little things in life that really bring us the most joy! Good for you for taking the time to notice and reflect on it in this post! :)

  11. Love this! I posted about all the things that make me happy today too! Great minds think alike, ha. I forgot to add the bachelorette! Des is adorable! :)

  12. What a great idea to do a happy list. Even though right now is a stressful time in the sense of everything I have going on, definitely feeling really blessed with all the wonderful things God has given me!


  13. you've got a great point, be happy and thankful for what you've got not what you don't! puppies always help!

  14. Love notes by the coffee!! Too cute!

  15. Oh my gosh. Oakley is SO big!! Are you still free this weekend? I'd love to still meet up!

  16. I am so glad you posted this today. I needed some positivity to end the day. My heart is happy for all your happy things you have going on. Happy Thursday eve pretty lady.

  17. Oh these are wonderful! I love them. They made me happy and smile :) I love the puppy paws (Oakley is getting big!!), the sweet note with yummy sounding coffee, your cute mug, and happy hour is ALWAYS happy :)


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