May 21, 2013

Memorial Day Must-Haves

Iono about all you pretty people but if there's one holiday that gets me 50 shades of's Memorial Day weekend!

...3-day weekend
...the official kickoff of summer
...good friends
...good food
...even better booze
...did I say "3 day weekend"??!!

(Ok and because she would absolutely KILL me if I didn't say's also Katie's birthday weekend #yourewelcomekatie)

Last week, I was already itching to sport my red, white and blue. We were getting all our plans settled, picking out new swimsuits and making our grocery list so I posed the following question on Twitter:

...and it goes without saying you girls did NOT let me down. It looks like my vision of Memorial Day was almost spot on with everyone else's! Whatdya say we all get together and have one BIG Memorial Day/blogger party? Yes?! Ok you plan it. I'll pack the wine.

Without further adieu and with YOUR assistance, I present to you:
MD Must Haves

+good music (ahem...preferably FGL!) by @Amandaar
+festive bikini by @KaitSawyer
+sunscreen by @fromCAtoKS
+your favorite pair of sunnies #absolutenecessity by @EasyPeasyGlam
+BOOZE #moreofanecessitythanthesunglasses by @Shesabigstar
+lawn chairs (ahem...really cute adirondacks from World Market? Yes.) by @TayFrizz
+furchildren by @CarolineLGray
+guacamole salsa (yes, yes and yes!) by @BrookeM225
+American flag beer pong swim trunks by @thebeau
+Essie "Ole Caliente" by @yourstruly
+adorable flips by @twsrblog
+BBQ...DUH! by @PerfectlyJenn

Not pictured: any body of water....pool, beach, lake, river, ocean, hot tub, bath tub...just get in it.

My choice: the Frio river

What do you do have planned for Memorial Day weekend?! 

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  1. Looks like a fabulous weekend! Enjoy it sweet girl!

  2. Love 3 day weekends! Mine is a 5 day weekend :)

  3. Pool + Guacamole + 3 day weekend = HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Kristin! :)

  4. Ahh I'm getting excited! I'm going home to the Lake of the Ozarks to hang out with friends and party!!

  5. That blue and white striped bikini is adorable!

  6. Love the Frio River! One of my favorite places... just hate the 4.5 hour drive :(

  7. All of these are must have essentials! Our Mem Day wknd will be a little different than normal this year (in a good way) but, I can't wait for the weekend!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend!!!

  8. This Memorial Day we'll be on the beach in our festive swim attire drinking Red, White & Blue drinks! (I hope!) Thanks for letting me be part of this :) XOX

  9. i'll be sitting by the pool in my stripe bikini with my pups eating bbq & mexican food.

  10. Perfection! Growing up in Connecticut, Memorial Day Weekend meant the kick off to summer, now that I live in Florida it's a great excuse to par-tay and BBQ and enjoy the much needed long weekend.

    My husband's 30th b-day is this weekend, so I'm throwing a pool party at the house unveiling our new pool Whoop Whoop! I've been planning his party for months and can't believe it's almost here. We'll be bbq'ing it up and enjoying drinks by the pool with our friends and neighbors.

    1. SO SO SOOOOOOOOOO jealous of your new pool!! I keep showing pics to my husband because I want one SO bad!! He wants a big showed him yours, which is a combination of both. We shall see! :) Happy birthday to your hubby! Sounds like y'all have a great weekend planned!

  11. Love that blue and white suit!! So ready for a 3-day weekend:)

  12. When my husband told me he'd be moving me to Uvalde from Houston I though, "Um, hell no you're not. Isn't that in Mexico?!" And well, it kind of is, but just 21.3 minutes from my driveway is the GORGEOUS Frio. I can now say I love Uvalde and living where people vacation sure doesn't suck! I love that HEB and Walmart are chock full of happy people, in bathing suits, ready to party! I take our dogs there at least 2 days a week, sit in the riv on my lounge, throw the ball, soak up sun, and sip on a bev. I am quickly becoming a river rat and it really is THE life. Have a fun, safe weekend! We'll be there all weekend also pretending we're 21 again!

  13. Can't wait for our beach bike bar crawl at the oceanfront planned for Saturday! Bike riding, patio drinking and beach time... can't get any better than that!


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