May 16, 2013

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it. - No-Bake Apple "Pizza"

There's absolutely nothing better than finding something on Pinterest that 

A) actually lives up to your expectations 
B) you already have every ingredient for 

Amiright or amiright?

Ok. So maybe there are better things in this newborn babies, puppies, Duck Dynasty and Tito's Vodka but you get mah drift.

The original pin didn't really have a creative name so I just took it upon myself and named it...the "No-Bake Apple Pizza". Oh ya. Sometimes you just gotta take matters into your own hands...

(Boo you...highly skilled food photographer! #kidding #jealous)

Annnnd here we go!

Here's what you'll need:
gluten-free oats | almond/peanut butter | apple (I prefer Honeycrisp #applesnob) | dark chocolate chips

Also needed:
One photobombing puppy

Step one: Slice your apple into 1/2 inch slices (I don't measure anything y'all so just eyeball it, k? No need to bust out the tape measure people...)

Step two: Layer your toppings in the following order. Use however much you want. Get crazy, y'all! 

  • Almond/peanut butter
  • Gluten-free oats
  • Dark chocolate chips

(The original recipe called for nuts but I don't like nuts in my food so I omitted that part.) 

Step three: DEVOUR!


Don't let the pictures fool you...I assure you I ate FOUR of these by the time I finished taking pictures of them all! Okay...Oakley helped.

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  1. SO simple and looks delicious! Definitely trying this out later tonight! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Mmm I'm always down for a healthy yummy snack!

  3. This sounds so great, but that puppy photobomb is awesome lol

  4. These look delish! And I'm totally loving the fact that you were most likely standing on a chair when you took the ingredients pic lol! I do the same thing!!

  5. I have actually pinned this but have yet to try. Now I must, looks so good.

  6. These look amazing. And I LOVE that photo of the pup licking the apple. :)

  7. Look at her, ha! So cute!! So easy & yummy!

  8. That looks delicious! :) little oakley girls is crazy gettin up on your table LOL

  9. Only the cutest little photobombing pup EVER!

  10. Considering I love apples with just peanut butter alone, I'm certain I'd love this! :)

  11. Been dying to try this.
    I think I'll have to now that I know (from a real person) they are to die for :)

  12. yum! Those look delish and I love that Oakley wanted a taste as well haha

  13. yum!! this looks so delicious!

  14. Yummm! This looks fantastic!

  15. I'm a honeycrisp apple snob too. I have found that jazz apples taste almost exactly the same!

  16. I'm an apple snob, too... Honey crisp and golden delicious is all I'll eat. I've made something similar to these before; they were called "apple nachos"... Super good stuff and fairly healthy!

  17. Looks awesome. I love a good Honeycrisp but Pink Ladies are awesome too. Thanks for hosting! :)

    Classy with a Kick

  18. i. love. this. recipe!

    ps- where is your gorgeous table from? am i crazy or i MIGHT remember you saying it was from rennovation hardware?

    1. Thank you! It's from World Market! :) Very inexpensive and looks really nice. We get compliments on it ALL the time! Buy it when they put it on sale though...I think ours was less than $900 with 4 chairs and a bench. :)

  19. YUM YUM YUM!!!!!! I've seen these on their and have been wanting to make them... guess I'll have to wait til baby is born since I have to cut sugar :( boo

  20. Holy. Delicious.

    I had no clue what this was going to be when I clicked on your page but omgaahhhdd Im obsessing over it. I need to make these! I'd most likely be the anal weirdo who would need to tape measure it because I'd do it too thin or thick haha!

    i also just said anal on your blog.

    YA OAKLEY!! (nice segway huh?)

    love you :)

  21. yummers! Can't wait to try these. Looks delish and healthy :)

  22. Oh hey this looks amazing and I too have all the ingredients! Score!

  23. HOLY CANNOLI. these look amazing. I love that pic of Oakley licking the apple!

  24. Your SPD inspired me! Thanks so much. Today I had a jewelry party and so wanted to make a bunch of little pintresty foods for it, but Friday I had a horrible headache and just came home and slept. So this morning when I found this recipe, I thought BINGO! I have all the ingredients or similar ones and wha-la. My guests enjoyed apples with chunky peanut butter, insta-oats, mini chocolate chips, and butterscotch chips. They were sooo super yummy.

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