May 17, 2013

What do you crave?

Hey there friends! Happy Friday to you all!

Per usual, I'm here to make you spend money. You know...because what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't entice you to drop your entire paycheck at one of my absolute favorite new boutiques?!

I stand will NOT drop your entire paycheck today because, well, everything these fabulous ladies carry is...get this...LESS THAN $50.

Meet Lana & Regan. The beautiful (& incredibly blessed with fabulous hair) women 
behind Crave Boutique!

Oh yes. 
They went there.

Read my lips. Err-text.

Nothing. Over. Fifty. Dollars.

I've clearly been stalking their site ever since I found out about them and decided to made myself a little wishlist. Or "Cravelist", if you will... ;)

You know my obsession with bows. I need this in my closet like yesterday.

That color combo...swoon! {might I's only $27!}

And back to this dress...

Obviously...I went with the pink & black. 
{Hello? Do you know me?}

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE every stinkin' last thing about this dress!! The gold accents on the buttons, the sleeves...It's not too long, not to short. Not to fitted, not too baggy. Since it's so lightweight, I can probably get away with wearing it all summer long with dressy flips or even pair it with some black tights & patent pumps in the winter and sport it then, too! (Not to mention...I got a TON of compliments on it! Thanks, Regan for stylin' a sister up!)

And the bestest part?
Thirty dolla make ya holla!

If you're already obsessed, like me, you can find them online, on Facebook or even follow their precious boutique on Instagram! (Pssst! They do giveaways on Instagram every once in a while!)

Now go.
Be free.
And shop Crave!
Or send me something off my Cravelist. ;) 


  1. You are so precious and what a precious boutique!! Going to stalk them now!

  2. you look tooo cute in that dress! It was made for you! Going to check Crave out now!

  3. you look adorable my little stephy!! im going to check this out RIIIGHTT MEOW

    and im loving that chevron scarf that is adorable

    xoxoxo happy weekend!

  4. love that black and pink dress!

  5. This sounds like my kind of store! You look awesome btw!
    Happy friday!

  6. Cute stuff! Going now to check them out!

  7. I love a good boutique!!! Checking them out now!

  8. I wish they shipped to Canada!! That scarf woud be mine!!

  9. That bow top is on tons of websites but I've never seen it w/ the bow in the front. It looks so pretty w/ the bow in the back. I love it. I've seen it in several colors and I ordered it in mint but it was too small and they didn't have the next size up. You should get it! Love your dress too!

  10. Most of my clothing anymore comes from boutiques! I just love them to no end.. I especially love your dress its two of my favorite colors :) I almost think for me its a must have :)

  11. Love this stuff!! Especially that scarf. I'm such a cheapo so I love the nothing more than $50 thing!

  12. I've been reading your blog for AGES and am finally following you! My husband and I are maybe moving back to Houston this summer!

    LOVE all those items that you shared from this store--ill have to check it out!


  13. I actually won one of their giveaways on Instagram! They were doing a monogram shirt and I won! I was so excited! They have adorable clothing! (:


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