May 28, 2013

Weekend Happenings (+ 30 Before 30 Update)

Happy Monday Tuesday, friends! Is there anything better than waking up thinking it's Monday when's Tuesday? I think not.

Oh Memorial Day I miss you so. Ours was spent at the good ol' Frio River and was full of good food, good music and even better friends! ...Oh...and one worn out little puppy. ;)



In other news, I've knocked out 7 of my 30 before 30 checklist! My goal is to complete at least 11 this year so I'd like to think I'm making good progress, yes?

30 Before 30 Update:
  1. Pay for someone else's meal anonymously
  2. Witness a proposal
  3. Be a maid of honor
  4. Learn graphic design
  5. Drink wine in Napa 
  6. Learn how to shoot in manual (& be semi-decent at it)
  7. Make double mortgage payments once/year
  8. Pack only in a carry on for a trip
  9. Eat a raw diet for 3 days straight
  10. Turn my blog into a book 
  11. Write a gratitude for a full year
  12. Find a church and go regularly
  13. Swim in Lake Michigan
  14. Grow blog to 6,500 followers
  15. Send handwritten cards once/week
  16. Renew our vows in April 2016
  17. Have a baby
  18. Go an entire week without social media
  19. Host a party all on my own 
  20. Start a new family tradition 
  21. Take a vacation with just Beau and myself
  22. Visit my family in Tennessee 
  23. Send my mom on a vacation 
  24. Get a puppy
  25. Be a leader in my company
  26. Buy Beau a Ford cash 
  27. Wake up at 5am every week day 
  28. Work out 3 times per week before work 
  29. Rebuild savings account to at least $25,000 
  30. Pay it forward in a really BIG way
Coming up soon:
  • Pay for someone else's meal anonymously
  • Learn how to shoot in manual
  • Start a family tradition
  • Take a vacation with just Beau and I
You thought I was going to list of #17, didn't you?! ;)

Happy 4-day workweek loverpants! How was your Memorial Day weekend spent?!

Sami's Shenanigans


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Congrats on making progress on your 30 before 30!

    Classy with a Kick

  2. If you want I'll let you pay for my meal.. Ha! No but really this list is awesome!

  3. you are doing good! i think my favorite is "buy beau a raptor". my guy wants one too!

  4. That Oakley is just scrumptious. I want to snuggle her all up!

  5. Oh I love this list. I may have to make myself one. On my list is going a week without social media too, but honestly, I can't imagine how hard that'd be. :-/



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