August 15, 2013

5 Days in My Stomach (The 80/20 rule)

Well if that doesn't catch your attention, I don't know what will.

To be perfectly honest, I strongly considered titling this post "5 Days in My Mouth" but I thought that was a little inappropriate for a classy, public blog like this one. Yes? No? (Sarcasm, people. You should pick some up at your next trip to the store...)

Either way...title, scmitle. This post is long...loonnnnnng...overdue. I know. But following this post here and this post here, I thought it would only be appropriate for me to give you an example meal plan of what you can typically find me eating during the week. (Keyword: during the week).

Like I've said before, I'm all about balance. I prefer to eat really well 5 days out of the week and "splurge" a little on the weekends to maintain a healthy body weight. This is what works for me. I call it the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time I'm really good, and 20% of the time, I'm not-so-good. And by "not-so-good", I mean I'll have wine instead of vodka, fajitas WITH a tortilla or even, dare I say, waffle fries instead of a fruit cup to go with my grilled nuggets at Chick-fil-A. We're not talking burgers, nachos and cheese fries, people.

Now, if I'm wanting to shed a few pounds, there's no 80/20 rule allowed. I believe losing weight is all about making 100% healthy decisions 100% of the time. For me, anyways. I can't lose weight following the 80-20 plan. If you can drop a few L.B.s eating clean 80% of the time, I hate you.

Kidding. I'm just extremely jealous of your fancy metabolism.

FYI-This isn't what I eat every single week, so you know, but give or take a few meals and this is typically what you'll find in my mouth, err-stomach, 5 days/week.

Yes-I eat salad almost every day for lunch. If I'm not eating a salad, I'm eating leftovers from the night before.
Yes-I'm obsessed with hummus and depending on the day, I could probably drink it straight from the bowl. Specifically the Cilantro Garlic Hummus that I make from scratch. (So easy. Don't let it scare you!)
Yes-you'll notice I referenced "pumpkin bread" quite a few times so here is the recipe for that one. Definitely something I could eat an entire pan one sitting.
And yes, I eat pancakes, too. Here you go.
I hope this answers a lot of questions I've been getting lately! I'm hoping to put together a workout post of my favorite arm and leg workouts soon. I know I've been getting a ton of questions about that, too, so don't think they've been ignored!

Now go.
Be happy.
Be healthy!


  1. I'm curios if Beau eats the same dinners as you do or if you cook 2 seperate meals, or if he just fends for himself?! I find it's hard to eat clean dinners most of the time b/c my hubby isn't as "into" it as I am.

    1. He eats what I eat! :) Luckily, he has no interest in planning/cooking every meal so he knows if he doesn't eat what I cook, he will either fend for himself or not eat. 99.9% of the time though, Beau eats what I eat for dinner. He's very supportive and for the most part, likes all the same foods. :)

  2. You eat really well during the week. Kinda jealous hahah! jk ;) I would say I am more 70/30 LOL Sometimes I just get burnt out on chicken and veggies for dinner. I am doing really well though at not eat breads, even if GF/YF after my afternoon snack. And I finally tried on of those Choc Chip Quest Bars....holy mother of deliciousness!!!! I am never getting another flavor again ;) Love all your healthy lifestyle posts!! You inspire me girlfran! ;)

  3. I really admire you for choosing the healthy life style that you have. Thank you for posting this and the other two about the food in and not in your fridge. It is very inspiring and hoping to use it as a guide to beginning my journey of a healthy life style. I struggle so much with weight and will power!!

  4. I always love your health posts! Just out of curiosity, are you still juicing? I really want a juicer but I'm on the fence because I'm not sure how much or when to incorporate it. As in, would I do it in place of breakfast or a snack? Unfortunately, my brain has the mentality that if I'm not chewing, I'm not actually eating... but I LOVE the benefits you get from the nutrient dense juices!

  5. Steph,

    Okay, I must I am a lurker; I rarely comment, but love your blog. This post is perfectly timed to bring me out of lurker status. I need to lose some L.B.s and have been researching the Whole30 challenge. To my novice nutrition mind it sounds very similar to your yeast free diet. What is your opinion of the Whole30? Thanks for all your healthy lifestyle posts they are inspiring and I'm finally going to take the plunge. The only hard part is going to be me and the hubs live in Brazil and finding (healthy) ingredients can be challenging. I would really appreciate your input. Thanks girl!

  6. I love this!! I am trying to get back on my healthy train and this post is the perfect inspiration for that! thank you!

  7. Girl. You are a rockstar for being able to eat like that week after week. I get so bored of eating the same thing. I do keep track of everything I eat on My Fitness Pal though so I know how many cals, protein, carbs I'm consuming. I'm just always trying new recipes and new ways to eat my protein and veg haha.

  8. Do you find that the Quest bars keep you full for awhile? I'm always looking for quick grab and go things for breakfast but most leave me hungry after an hour.

  9. I'm always wiling to try new snack bars and even though I have a love for Luna and Kind bars I'm going to get some of these Quest ones to try. Cinnamon roll flavor??? Yes please!

  10. Love your 80/20 rule! Its what we live by in my house too! Moderation is key! Quest bars? I need to try sounds like. My hardest meal is breakfast - I am over cereal, esp. the boring ones! <3

  11. Matt is whisking me away to his parents house this weekend. While I'm sitting around I should really put together my meal plan & get back to it!! (I realize I said this the other day also). You are an inspiration though girlfrand! I don't know how you eat mostly the same meals over & over though!

  12. Beau must be miserable 80% of the time eating at home. Thank god he has a super hot wife, that keeps getting hotter(weird I know). That makes up for all the gluten free everything in the pantry. I remember driving to what a burger from your house in the middle of the night with thorny, and north looking for anything with grease to bring back.

  13. Good for you for being able to eat that healthy. YOU GO GIRL. I just can't do it...i need to continue to gain some weight and couldn't stomach half of those things. :p Not a big veggie fan.

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