August 20, 2013

Summer Lovin' {The Staples}

For some of you, specifically those in the northern states, summertime may be coming to a close. Fall boots, winter scarves and maroon nail polish are all donning your Pinterest boards and the leaves on your trees are about to go from green to orange. 

For the rest of us below the Mason Dixon line, summer is still in full swing for at least another 2 months...easily. That being said, tan lines, sunkissed cheeks and cut off shorts aren't going anywhere any time soon. (Summer lasts at least 7 months out of the year in TX. Kind of like Mexico. Now do you see why I live here?)

Some of these items I've been particularly swooning over all summer long, others are a little new to my summer routine. Bottom line: the summer months are hot and all about simplicity and being the simple person I am, you now know why I always have been and always will be a summer girl...

Summer Staples

Orly Beach Cruiser - probably the hottest pink I've yet to find in stores - and trust me, I've been looking EVERYWHERE! (I got mine from Ulta, to be exact.) I'll be using up every last drop for the next 2 months to make sure I round out summer 2013 with a bang!

Mason Jar Tumbler - river, work, lake, pool, dinner table. This baby has been around the world with me lately. It's the perfect size, doesn't sweat, has a handle (unlike the plethora of Tervis tumblers I own) and it's as precious as all get out! Fill 'em with gift cards, nail polish and lip balm and these babies make the cutest gifts, too!

Gold ball posts - my go-to earrings as of late. Mine are just costume but I LOVE them to pieces. So versatile and very easily dressed up or down. I may or may not be guilty of wearing these to the gym and the pool, too...

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - I borrowed Katie's for the first time when she came down to visit and oh-my-lanta I've never been more obsessed with another bronzer. Just take my word for it and go snag some. BEST bronzer money can buy and you really don't have to use much!

Country Chic Body Splash - light, crisp and refreshing! Country Chic is definitely my all time favorite scent from Bath & Body Works. Though I'm usually a perfume girl, I hate wasting perfectly good smelling perfume on casual clothes (think: t-shirts). This stuff is great for running errands or if you're like me, for wearing to the pool or gym. (Ain't nobody got time for the B.O.)

Nike running shorts - THESE THINGS. I canNOT get enough of 'em. If I didn't have an upcoming vacation to be shopping for (ahem...52 days!), I'd buy these in every color on the market.  They're so cool and breezy, yet don't have the granny panties sewn on the inside and don't make your ass look like a parachute like the Norts do. And the waistband. OHHHH the waistband... it's the absolute BEST. SO flattering. Buh-bye muffin top.

Zip top hobo - Old Navy for the win...AGAIN! The look and feel of this little gem reminds me of a Longchamp, but without the hefty price tag. It works great for traveling, running errands or even a casual date night!

Braided wedges - because what girl can't have enough pairs of wedges?! I love that these can be worn with jeans, shorts or a dress, for places like church, shopping, dates or even work. The the fact that they're a wedge automatically makes them a winner in my book.

So while you say goodbye, I say hello! 
Hello, second half of summer! 

What are some of your favorite summertime staples from this year?!


  1. Where did you get your gold studs? :)

  2. And Summer is only just on it's way in South Africa x

  3. i love bronzer- all yer long!! it's just my fave thing. Can't help it!

  4. YES PLEASE! You're talking to a girl from a "northern state" who moved to Florida so I wouldn't only have summer for 3 months out of the year. I'll take my beach/pool days and sun dresses for 7 months out of the year please!

    The best part is all the summer stuff is "on sale" so I can stock up since just thinking about sweaters and boots is making me sweat. I love only wearing that stuff for about a month or two a year. I get tired of wearing jeans every day very quickly.

  5. It's still in the 90's here in Salt Lake City. Thank goodness. I am willing summer to last as long as possible, because once winter comes and we have snow and I don't see grass until April...I go cray cray for 5 months! Send some of your Texas weather up north about January, will ya? Thanks gf :)

  6. oh my gracious how I love BBW Country Chic!!! It is my favorite go-to splash these days!!! :)

  7. I am total opposite of you...I live in Northeast Montana-literally 60 miles south of Canada...and am SO ready for fall! I mean, we don't even have central air in our house :)

  8. I need to pick up those shorts!!!

  9. What a great collection! It is still going to be summer for a couple months where I live in BC too. Wedge sandals are definitely a go-to item for me! I can't live without bright, fun summer nail polish either.

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