August 20, 2013

Have Blogger BFF. Will Travel.

Ok so Richard Gere will not be attending this event and if you know the plot of the movie, we will not be killing our husbands BUT...

Whatdya do when your husband has a business trip to the windy city? 
You book the first flight you find and go with him.

Whatdya do when your BFF lives w/in driving distance of said 'windy city'? 
You beg her, her husband and their 7 pound ball of fur to hop in a car and drive their butts to see you.

Duh and duh.

Thaz right. My "friend I met on the internet" (weird?) and her husband (who supports this "online friendship"...weirder?)  will be joining Beau and I on our very first trip to Chicago!! Neither Beau or I have gone before so we're excited to go with people who:

A) drink as much as we do 
B) enjoy food as much as we do 
C) accept us for the people we are
D) know how to have a good time 
E) have been there before and can show us around the city

To be perfectly honest, I'm really not sure what I'm more excited about:

  • the fact that I somehow finagled Katie into making yet another trip to see me
  • Rocky (their furchild) joining us
  • getting away from 99+ degree weather (Hello mid-70s!)
  • the possibility of meeting The Daily Tay (fingers crossed!)
  • knocking off #13 on my 30 before 30 list
  • partaking in copious amounts of food, particularly the infamous Chicago brunches
  • being a tourist 
  • snapping eleventy billion selfies in front of the bean
  • seeing what this whole 'windy city thing' is all about
  • taking in all the scenery, the buildings, the changing of the leaves, and everything else!
I don't even know what all Chicago has to offer?! My fellow travel bugs or Chigoans (is that even thing?), where should we go? What should we do? What do we HAVE to see?! 

Down here we're usually in shorts and flip flops in mid-September but Katie specifically told us we could NOT pack cowboy boots because we'd definitely look out of place (she's such a good friend, right?). All that to I really don't know what to pack?! Coat? Scarf? Boots? What the hay do I wear friends?!
This the way...was a pain in my NECK so enjoy it. Please. ;)


  1. How exciting!!! :)

  2. I am OBSESSED with Chi-town, as in I'm begging Jason to move there. You will LOVE it! Definitely go to Diorgano's for deep dish pizza. And Pops for Champagne is a super little champagne bar that I adore. :)

  3. I love Chicago and you are going at the perfect time of year! You'll have a blast and let me know if you'd like any recommendations on where to go/want to see :) Actually, another blogger just posted about what to do there, good for first timers:
    However, I'd like to note that I've done the "not this" things too...but I've had the chance to go several times and see a lot of the city. Either way you won't be disappointed!

  4. so fun!!! Super cute last photo ;)
    Now when are you making your way to California?!?! ;)

  5. WOOOOOP!!! Okay while I am so excited about this, I still get chills thinking about that video you sent us telling us about this and I thought you were with child LOL!!

    you 4 + rockdizzle are going to have the most amazing time!! cannot wait to follow along and stalk an see bean pics!!

    love you girls and guys!

  6. You must try deep dish pizza. And maybe go to Wrigley Field. Have fun!

  7. I'm not so sure "C" is true, but hey, I will let you believe what you want to believe. ;)

    HAHA JK duh, I love you and your husband and Rocky just told me he can't wait for you to squeeze him again and you should probably bring him some peanut butter treats or something.


    Ah, damn that feels good to say.

  8. It might be weird how much I love the friendship you and Katie have! These are some of my favorite posts you two write!

  9. That picture is super cute... definitely worth the effort!

  10. Chicago is def on my list of places to go! How exciting that y'all get to experience it together!!!

  11. I love Chicago! Have so much fun. As far as what to pack? September in the good ol Midwest can be tricky. It might be 80 and sunny, or 60 and rainy. I love taking the train to get around when I visit too!

  12. You guys and your pictures make me LOL. Y'all are going to have so much fun! I would recommend Sears Tower and a boat tour at the pier. I did both on my trip and they were my fave things! Also, eat at RPM. It's to die.

  13. Have the best time ever! :) I know you will!

  14. ooooh meeting Tay!! fingers crossed!

  15. You two are just too darn cute!! Love you both and I cannot wait for your trip!!! x

  16. You willl looove it! I have lived in Chicago for only a year and a half and still find new stuff all the time! I would say depending on where you are staying, downtown (the loop) is cool, but Lincoln Park (im partial its where I live) and Old Town, are where it's at. Whatever you do, it will be fun! I have tons of restaurant, bar recommendations if you need them! Also check to see if UH has a bar, in Chicago every college has a bar, so it's cool to run into like minded fans!

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  18. Definitely do the architectural boat tour on the river. It was fun & super interesting! You get great views of downtown.

  19. So exciting! That time of year it could be super warm and sunny or drizzly and cold. As much of a pain in the butt it may be I'd pack for both, or just dress in layers so you can remove them if it's too warm. September is a wonky month. It's still technically summer (according to the calendar) and can feel like it but also can feel more like fall :-P

  20. Soo fun!! I just found out TOday that I'm moving to Chicago. Wish I could give u ladies some advice. Have so much fun!!!

  21. I have never managed to travel with hand luggage only... And doing ok anyway ;)
    For the rest of them: Great tips I totally agree on!
    Long Island winery tour

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