March 19, 2014

Hump Day || Bump Day - 15 Weeks

How far along: 15 weeks & 3 days!

Baby size: A softball, a navel orange or an apple...depending on which website you read.

Weight gain: Let's just say yes to this one...

Maternity clothes: My sweet SIL gave me ALL of her maternity clothes and this weekend, I may or may not have worn one of the shirts. Might I add it was the longest, softest, comfiest fitted shirt I think I've ever worn!

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Oh ya. Snuck in a nap last night, too. Hey, why not?!

Gender: 18 days til we know for sure but I will say that everyone, with the exception of my aunt and my boss (hi Gina!!), think we're having a boy, including complete strangers. I kid you not. 

Movement: Nothing yet but I'm anxiously awaiting to feel that first flutter!! I'm also wondering if I'll even know when it happens?!

Best moment this week: Booking our babymoon definitely takes the cake this time, however, another best moment from this past week is that we officially started moving stuff out of our office to begin slowly turning it into a nursery. Seeing a baby swing and 4 boxes of diapers in that room is pretty surreal and exciting all at the same time!

Looking forward to: My 16 week appointment coming up next week! I just need to see our sweet little nugget squirming around on the big screen again! Also (and completely un-baby related) little brother is getting married exactly one month from today and I am beyond excited to celebrate with friends and family!!!

Food cravings: Maybe it's just me but I feel like these change from week to week. Though I'm still wanting my fair share of pickles and Sour Patch Kids, this week I've been really wanting fresh fruit...apples, pears, pineapples, oranges...and I want them all cut up and mixed together. If we want to get specific...

Weirdest food I ate this week: Most people wouldn't consider this to be weird, but for me, a fully loaded baked potato is weird for me to eat. I honestly cannot tell you the last time I had a baked potato, nonetheless one that was stuffed with butter, cheese, sour cream, bacon bits & pulled pork. I blame the rodeo for that meal and I promised my thighs it would never happen again. #itwaswortheverybite

Anything making you queasy or sick: Negative ghostwriter. And I'm still very thankful for that.

Labor signs: N.O.

What I miss: Being able to wear all my cutesy spring dresses. Either every single one of my dresses have shrunk or my hips and butt are expanding by the millisecond and seeing that I don't dry any of my dresses, I think it's safe to assume they have not, indeed, shrunk in size. 

Symptoms: Intermittent headaches and all of a sudden my belly button is kinda sensitive. It's weird, that's for sure.

Workouts: In addition to taking Oakley on her 2 walks per day, I've been consistently working out twice/week and while it's not as much as I'd like to be exercising, I'll take what I can get. 

Things that suck: Being asked if you've been having morning sickness because your face looks pale. Wow...thanks! While I fortunately haven't had any morning sickness, I'll go ahead and take a hint that I need to get at tan. Also...I still firmly believe that Babie's R Us sucks. Mainly because of my own ignorance and confusion when I walk through those stupid doors but makes no sense to me and we're not friends...yet...though I know its inevitable.

Things that don't suck: The fact that babymoons are popular these days. I mean, I didn't even have to convince Beau that we "needed" to go on one. It was kinda like he automatically expected it! Thank you to whomever created this wonderful excuse to take a vacation! ;)


  1. I've been a follower for a couple years now and I am so excited for you! I am due in August and exactly two weeks ahead of you. As far as Babies R Us goes, my husband and I were terrified the first few times we went in. You should also check out Buy Buy Baby, it's a little more overwhelming but a much better selection! I think there are only a couple in Texas but there is one in Webster (about 30 minutes from Galveston). Congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations! My belly button hurt also while I was pregnant, turned out to be an umbilical hernia. It was senative to the touch. Also, try Buy Buy Baby. Not sure what part of Houston you live in, but I live by Clear Lake and there's one over here. It's wonderful and much better than Babies R Us and you can use Bed Bath and Beyond coupons there!

  3. OOOH I LOVE that shirt you are wearing. I love "burnout" tops like that. I would never have expected you to eat a loaded baked potato in my life, but now, well that sounds delicious and I can totally see why you did it ;)

  4. Your little bump is SO precious! Can't wait to see all the beautiful pics from your baby're going to have such a fab time! Enjoy every second :)

  5. Such a sweet little bump! Congrats, congrats! :)

  6. Ooh I see a little bump!! You look so cute!!

  7. How in the world are we so alike? On Sunday I started CRAVING oranges, it's all I want right now! You are looking adorable and you are constantly reminding me that I need to get on these bumpdates.

  8. The first time you feel the baby move is so strange but awesome. I really didn't know what I was feeling for so I had probably felt it for a few times before I actually realized it. Many people told me it felt like a butterfly fluttering and I didn't really understand that but once it happened I knew what they were saying!!

  9. Congrats on your pregnancy! I'm so glad you are feeling good! Can't wait to find out the gender. When i was pregnant, I thought I would never feel the baby move, but trust me, you will know when it happens. It definitely starts out as what you think could be hunger or gas pain.

  10. The first couple times my baby moved it went like this..."Was that a baby movement?!? Nope, I think it was just gas..." For probably won't be able to tell!

  11. How exciting!!!! You have that perfect pregnancy glow!

  12. At first it doesn't really feel like anything when you feel the movement but after a while you definitely notice it and then eventually it doesn't stop and you are freaked out when your stomach literally is moving and contorting constantly and you can see it. Its weird. I had to eat an orange every single day i was pregnant and now my daughter LOVES fruit, and LOVES is an understatement, if she could eat fruit for every meal all day long she would.

  13. So exciting that you will be able to find out the gender so soon. So everybody says boy, but do you have any feelings?

    It took forever for me to finally feel movement (like way into my 20's weeks, ugh!). You'll know it for sure!

  14. You think you hate Babies R Us now! Wait till you really start registering. It takes hours! I couldn't get through the one side. It seemed like it took for ever. Plus being very Prego doing it! NO FUN!

  15. So glad everything is going well! I am totally on team girl BTW. :)

    1. ME TOO CAROL! And to think she didn't even add me to the team girl info up above...PUFF PUFF!

  16. Based on my dad's theory, I'm going to say boy... It's all in the belly button!

  17. Um hellloooo woman I am NOT team boy. I'm team girl- you know this! Did you have a preggers brain fart?!

  18. I don't know.... I'm totally getting a girl vibe. But I am not usually right. The Chinese gender predictor was right for me and a few of my friends! haha

  19. i just caught up with all your weekly updates and we had similar pregnancy symptoms..i think its a sweet baby boy! and when baby moves, you will def know. it will change your life!


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