March 7, 2014

Trash Bags Make Good Outfits & Even Better Gifts (+ A Target Coupon!)

Happy Friday friends! Who's excited for the weekend?! I know I sure am!! 

Today my little brother closes on his first home (which means I'm officially old as dirt) and we're going to see Usher at the rodeo. Yes...I said "Usher" and "rodeo" in the same sentence. You are all well aware of the fact that I'm a country music girl to the core, but oh-my-lanta...give this girl some U-S-H-E-R-R-A-Y-M-O-N-D and just like that I don't even know what country music is anymore. Forealz. 

LOVE me some Ursher.

What I'm not excited about is finding something wear for tonight's rodeo festivities. Everything is so awkward fitting these days. Maybe I'll slap on a trash bag, a belt and some boots. Surely a trash bag will fit me, right? Kidding, people.

But speaking of trash bags....when my brother called me the other day and told me he'd be closing on his house this week, my mind immediately started spinning for housewarming gift ideas. A bottle of champs, something off his wedding registry, a gift card? No, no and no. I knew I wanted something a little more creative. Something functional. Something him and his fiance could use and really appreciate. 

That's when I remembered how much I hate moving and worse, how much I hate wanting to do nothing but unpack and decorate yet to put that all on hold because you have to stop everything, go to the store and buy all the house stuff you actually need. 

And on top of moving being expensive, buying all the stuff you actually need can get expensive, too, which is when I painted this little picture in my head:

So off to Target I went and stock up I did. I thought of any and everything you need those first few days when you move into a new home...trash bags, cleaners, paper towels, dish soap, detergents, Ziplocs, hand soap and of course, the most important of them all: toilet paper.

I also knew I couldn't just put all this stuff in a gift bag and hand it to them, which is when I found my self in the laundry basket aisle.

You should also know I have a serious problem with making gift baskets so I knew this little gift was all about the presentation. Plus, I mean, getting cleaning supplies as a "gift" isn't all that exciting so I knew I had to find a way to make cleaning supplies exciting.

I layered the bottom of my laundry basket with towels, because it was a little deep. (Plus-they were towels my brother left over here so he's also getting his own towels back as part of the gift.) I took to toilet paper out of the packaging and used it to stack the shorter stuff so it wouldn't disappear into the deep abyss that is a laundry basket. (Again, presentation people.)

Next, I tossed in all the other stuff in front to give it another "layer", if you will.

I stuffed some tissue paper in the back and in between all the products to give it a little bit more character.

And finally, I slapped my signature touch on the front of the basket (a burlap bow, of course) and voila!

And because you just sat here and read about how I threw cleaning supplies in a basket, slapped a bow on it and called it a "gift" I have a little "gift" for you.

Like I said previously, cleaning supplies are expensive and really start to add up. Lucky for you (and for me!) Target has a special coupon right now to save $20 off of $50 worth of cleaning supplies. can get $50 in cleaning supplies for $30. 

Here's how: text the word "Stockup1" to the number "827438". You will the receive a text message back with a link to the mobile coupon to be used in store! That's what I used to purchase all the products in my pictures above and it worked like a charm! However, it ends tomorrow so you best get yer hiney to a Target stat!

Also at Target right now...this beauty! I snagged her on my lunch break yesterday and have already gotten a ton of compliments on it already! She also comes in brown, too! #obsessed #Iwantboth

It's Friday. You deserve a new purse, right? 


  1. I think this is such a practical gift. I have given household items as wedding gifts to those that didn't have a home or live together prior. Cleaning supplies are so darn expensive, its ridiculous!!! As cheeseball as people might think to give it as a gift, I think it's awesome! :)

  2. This is so practical but also, MY FAVORITE. My mother-in-law has given me a gift like this before and I LOVED it. Towels, laundry detergent, a laundry basket to boot...I still remember and love it. I hope you can figure out what to wear tonight. I relate sister.

  3. These are great gifts, my Realtor did the same for us and also included paper plates and plastic ware

  4. This is such a great idea!! We recently moved into a new apartment and I'm pretty sure we spent a small fortune just getting everything we needed to make the place actually function. I'm totally pinning this and doing it next time we have friends move!

  5. I so remember that awkard stage where nothing fits and you don't have a big enough bump yet to show off, ugh! Even though I wasn't "big" enough to get maternity jeans/bottoms, I did anyway. Let me tell you, DO IT! It makes everything so much better and so much more comfortable.

  6. First of all, what a great idea for a house warming gift! I just moved this past weekend and hated spending money on those kinds of things when I course I would much rather use that money to decorate it. Also, thank you for that coupon!! I'm planning to head to Target tonight to stock up on some more home things and will definitely be using that!

  7. I love this gift idea, I wish someone had given it to us when we moved in. P.S. Usher is awesome in person.

  8. I do variations on this idea from everything to car cleaning products, baby supplies, house warming, off to college, ect. I've never had one returned yet!

  9. That's a great housewarming gift! And thank you so much for that coupon. I'm moving next weekend and that will definitely be handy!

  10. USHER. Love. He's definitely on my list of someone I want to see in concert...I can't wait to hear about it. I'm a country music lover, but I do love me some Usher too! Happy Friday :)

  11. My co-workers gave me a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies when I got my first big girl apartment! I never would have thought of it before (because I was young & dumb) but, it was the best gift! Your brother & his fiance will love it!! Have fun at Usher tonight!!!

  12. That is such a neat idea!! I consider myself pretty crafty and creative, but I will definitely hand this one to you.
    Hells yes you need a new purse on Friday!! That's why I got myself a new one from Target also. Great minds think alike :)

  13. So cute! Practical is good when you are moving. My dad gave me a tool box when I got my first apartment and I still use almost everything in it all the time.

    Also, if you're a fan of Usher, you may have also been a fan of Missy Elliot in her prime. She totally rocked a trash bag suit in one of her music videos. Bring that style back, girl!

  14. That's such a cute house warming gift and VERY practical and useful!!

  15. I love this! I've done something similar where I do the laundry basket but stuff it with towels, kitchen utensils, etc. But this is way better and much more cost-effective :) haha!

  16. This is a really great gift idea~someone did this for me as a going away to college gift and I've never forgotten it. They included a towel with my name on it and a huge gift card to Office Max, too.

  17. I have not worn a dress like this since my wedding eight years ago, but my friend's wedding was formal attire so I had no choice. I am so glad I went with this dress.
    Vera Wang Bridal

  18. It will be easy for you to keep the routine to dispose of the filled trash bags by the end of the day, either to take them to the chute if you live in an apartment house or take them to the garbage bin if you live in a detached home. garbage bag


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