March 28, 2014

Maxi Mania

Iono about you but I seriously love me a good maxi. No...take that back. I am obsessed with a good maxi. But it can't be just any maxi dress. I've done some serious researching when it comes to my maxi loving ways and I think I can officially title myself the Maxi Connoisseur. It has to be the right fabric, the right pattern, the right neckline and without a doubt...the right length. For crying out loud...a maxi dress should not stop at your ankles. In fact, your maxi should be long enough to hit the ground and if you're anything like me, it will be dragging the ground and you will most likely trip over it 19 times throughout the day. That, my friends, is what I like to call a maxi dress success. (Also, the amount of times I just said "maxi" in that paragraph should be illegal.)

Being that my wardrobe will be a little different this spring, and I have tried on and am refusing to believe that maternity shorts are a real thing (gag me with a spoon...or maybe I just haven't found the right pair?) I've been looking high and low, literally, for all the good maxi dresses I can possibly get my hands on. (Random fact #1: I told Beau that I only ever wanted to be pregnant during the spring and summer and if it didn't happen by then, we wouldn't try again until the timing would be right for the following spring/summer. I just couldn't fathom being in jeans and sweaters when I'm as large as a beached whale...) I was saying...I've been scouring the shelves and interwebs for maxi dresses that fit all of my qualifications, specifically...the length.

Above are a few of my very favorite that I've either bought or ordered and are on their way to me as I type this. (Not all are maternity...but I snuck a couple in there for anyone who might also have expanding bellies this spring.)

1. Royal Blue Basic Maternity Maxi @ Pink Blush Maternity (Obsessing with this shop right now!)
2. Colorblock Racer Maxi @ Target
3. Peaches & Cream Maxi @ Oakleigh Rose Boutique (Umm hello? It had me at giant bow!)
4. Maternity Cowl Neck Maxi @ Old Navy (I actually bought this one in two colors!)
5. Colorblock Maxi Dress @ Target

Do you love a good maxi, or what?! Where do you find the best ones?!

P.S.-thank you thank you thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes and puppy prayers for our sweet Oakley girl yesterday and the night before! We made it through night last night (all 3 of us, piled in the living room floor) and she popped up first thing this morning wagging her tail and wanting to be fed. (That's my girl!) Though Beau and I can officially say we are both exhausted from waking up at least once every hour, we are just beyond happy that she's home and she's breathing and seems to be doing better already.

This weekend's forecast looks like snuggles with a large side of Oakley kisses. :) And I'm perfectly fine with that!

Happy weekending, friends!


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  2. Yeah, pretty much maxi obsessed wearing can you go wrong? And so glad Oakley girl is doing so well. I was the same way, took days off of work and just cuddle by big baby (or was I the big baby?) people without pets just don't know what they're missing in their heart :)

  3. YAY! Love, love, love! Seriously, the best part of the warmer weather is living in maxis. It's so much easier to get dressed in the summer! haha

    Can't wait to see you in that pretty dress! :)

  4. I decided to just bite the bullet and buy two pea and pod jeans shorts for the summer. even tho they are expensive, they are the only ones that fit me right, and are cheaper at macy's. also, I love my gap boyfriend shorts.

  5. I love the #2 and #3 dresses. Adorable! Maxi's all the way for sure!

  6. I LIVED in maxi's during my pregnancy, even in the winter and snow! Kohls has some super cute soft cotton dresses that hit about the knee that were great too - I may have had it in 4 colors.

  7. That is sooo sweet that y'all slept on the floor with her! Praying she gets better quick!

  8. I just went on a Maxi buying spree too! And I'm totally obsessing over Pink fact, I think that maxi is going to be added to my cart ASAP. Have you checked out ASOS Maternity? I'm not a fan of Maternity shorts either, but I'm kind of loving these scallopped ones.

  9. I LOVE maxi dresses, however, Im just barely 5' 4" so they are all way too long for me!

  10. Pretty sure I need that colorblock maxi dress from Target...I think I know where I'm headed after work! And so glad that Oakley is doing good!!

  11. try asos maternity. i got all my maternity clothes from there (except my jessica simpson skinny jeans). they're super inexpensive and good quality! plus they are all cute! h&m has good maternity stuff too!

  12. I'm so thankful that I have soo many maxis!

  13. 3 & 5 are my two favorite dresses.. & I am glad Oakley girl is doing better :)

  14. I need #1 in my life right now. You know, I had a December baby and it really wasn't all that bad. I mean, I still wore flip flops (it's Texas, after all) and just threw leggings and sweaters over dresses. I'm actually dreading being pregnant in August. I was SO HOT all the time at the end of my pregnancy in December (I would actually go outside to cool off), I can't even imagine what this time will be like... I'm in for something, alright!


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