May 19, 2014

Babymooning Done Right (Part I)

Last week, Beau and I returned from quite possibly the best trip of our lives. Might I also add...the most sober trip (for me anyways) and in the best way possible. As it turns out, going on vacation while not being drunk 99% of the time is quite refreshing. (And you save quite a bit of money not spending money on drinks for two!)

We chose to go back to the Bahamas for our babymoon because, well, why would we not go back to the most beautiful island either of us have ever been to?! (Also see: we were just here 7 months ago. Read here and here.) The Bahamians are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet, the city is as safe as ever, the food is delicious and the water is drinkable. Also-English is their native language...a very important detail to note when going on your babymoon. Not to mention...views like this don't suck.

We did a lot of relaxing, a lot of eating, a ton of tanning and a little yacht-stalking. Per usual.

I'd like to consider ourselves "regulars" at this point.

Last time we went, I took pictures of every waking moment. This trip, since it was our second time there, though I still took a gazillion and 4 pictures (last time I took a gazillion and 5 pictures), I really tried to enjoy being in the moment rather than living it behind the lens of a camera so I'll try and let the pictures do most of the talking.

Might I add that traveling with my little kanga-baby in my belly was a really neat experience. I don't know why or how to explain it but it was just really cool to have this little baby girl in my belly while I was in a completely different country. It's like she was there, but she wasn't. I don't know. But I liked it. :)
{headband & sunnies from Forever 21, shorts (non-maternity) from Old Navy}

{water taxi over to Nassau}


{the cove beach @ absolute favorite beach in all of Atlantis property.}

{Atlantis Harborside}

{Did I mention 'yacht-stalking'?}

{this guy. that smile.} 

{Our favorite restaurant, Bimini Road. Reasonable prices, great drinks, live bands and an awesome patio!} 

As a combined anniversary, birthday and first Mother's Day gift this year, Beau surprised me with a two-day mini-vacation within our vacation over to Staniel Cay, a small island within a chain of islands in the Bahamas called "The Exumas".

Let's just say he's really set the bar high for Mother's Day gifts because this is what I woke up to on my very first one... ;)

More on Staniel Cay tomorrow. I will have your flights book by the time you finish reading my post about it. ;)


  1. I already want to book my flight there, it will definitely happen in the future! Glad ya'll had a great trip, can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  2. What a sweet babymoon! I love that silhouette picture with the fish behind you. Absolutely perfect!

  3. How sweet to plan this I think this is a great idea. The pics are so gorgeous. Cant wait to read more

  4. This is so pretty. Never been to the Bahamas but it's for sure on the list :)

  5. Glad you have such a lovely time.

  6. LOVE your halter dress (Beau's wearing a green shirt in the pic)!!! I want to go here so bad I can't stand it. It looks beautiful!!!

  7. Chris is already packing his bags and ready to swim with the pigs! He is obsessed! This is definitely going to be our next big vacation!

  8. So pretty! :) So glad you had fun!!!

  9. You are the cutest preggers lady ever! Looks like a fabulous babymoon!

  10. You are so dang adorable!! I'm not even pregos yet & i've arleady told the hubby were doing a baby moon !!! I cant wait to see more pictures.. but ps. ever since I saw your pictures of Stanley Cay on instagram (those pigs I want to meet) I have been trying to figure out how to get there on my cruise in October.. We are going to Nassau and Half moon cay.. any tips would be awesome!!

  11. That silhouette picture - jaw dropping. I LOVE.

  12. Y'all are so fun! You look gorgeous in your pictures!

  13. Ah, the Exuma's are the most beautiful islands EVER!!! LOVE them!!!

  14. Oh my word that looks AMAZING! I would've loved to have one before Luke was born in December. We were too busy building a house. lol We're definitely due for one now though!


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