May 20, 2014

Pack Your Bags. You're Going to Staniel Cay.

Welcome to Staniel Cay, a small, remote island within The Exumas chain of islands located in The Bahamas. Population: 70...ish.

Flamingo Air is the airline you'll take to get there. Your husband's truck may or may not be larger than the plane itself, but rest assured your captain, who enters and exits the aircraft through the front window (yes, I said window) will be sure you and the other 8 people on board make it safely to the island.

Though you are only 5 foot 5, you will almost be as tall as the aircraft. But no worries...

...because you'll get to ride shotgun for the quick 30-minute flight from Nassau over there!

Upon arrival to the island, you'll take a quick 2-minute golf cart ride from the airport over to the check-in counter. Yes-I said 'golf cart' as there are fewer cars there than the amount of fingers on my left hand. (Ask for Elizabeth...she's the sweetest!)

You'll get the keys and head straight for your cottage. Yep-the little cute one in the middle!

And this will be your beautiful place of residence for the next couple of days.

Not bad, right?

And this is your view from your room. To the left...

...and to the right.

Staniel Cay Yacht Club will be the only bar/restaurant/anything you go to or eat at while you're here. There's a "supposed" grocery store but we didn't care to look for it because the Yacht Club is really all you need. But don't you worry...the food is excellent (no really), the drinks are cheap and the people are the friendliest you'll ever meet.

Not to mention, this is also where Pit Bull filmed part of his "Timber" music video. No big deal.

Make yourself at home. Place your lunch order with the bartender. She'll make you a delicious sack lunch (PB&J for me, tuna on toast for Beau) to take with you on your boat for the day. And don't forget to put in your dinner order with her before 5:30pm. The dinner bell rings at 7pm sharp and if your order's not in, guess what? You're not eating!

If you're a beer drinker, Kalik is the beer of The Bahamas. Why would you drink anything less?

If you're knocked up, a virgin peach daiquiri will wet your whistle just fine.

Here's your ride for the weekend...if you're Jay Z.

For the rest of us "regular folk", this will be your ride and your token to travel all over this beautiful island! Plus-it comes with a pink noodle. #winning

These are your new friends. But don't worry...they're about 15 feet deep here and won't bother much.

These are also your friends. 

And if you're nice enough (and explain to them that you're a paparazzi-like blogger) they'll come out of the water long enough to let you snap a photo. 

Oh those guys? They're just hungry for scraps...

And these guys...they're just hungry, too.

Very hungry, actually...

As are their piglets!

And if you're nice enough (and have enough food) they'll let you swim and take pictures with them, too! 

Your next stop is at Thunderball Grotto. Also seen in the James Bond movie "Thunderball".

You'll snorkel your way in at low tide and swim in to breathtaking views that resemble that of a life-size fish aquarium.

{the view looking up from inside the grotto}

These will be your views from all around the island. Whether you're on plane, golf cart, bike, boat or foot...they definitely don't suck. 

This is where you'll enjoy your morning cup-a-joe.

...and another because why not?

And then you'll hop back in your boat for the day and hit up a few private beaches.

You'll also get as tan as Snooki and J-Wow combined.

You'll be entertained by your husband who prefers to snorkel for sand dollars and conch shells in less than 6 inches of water.

You'll swim in water that resembles that of a pool but don't're still in the ocean.

You'll ask yourself throughout the day "IS THIS REAL-FREAKING-LIFE?"

And then you'll be reminded...yes. Yes it is.

And if you're lucky, you may even try to tame a few sharks...

But just in time for dinner.

The bell rings at 7pm sharp. Remember?

You'll kiss your husband a bazillion and one times for surprising you with the most wonderful anniversary/birthday/Mother's Day gift you could have ever dreamed of.

And then you'll head to the airport. Yes. The airport, people.

Samantha will walk on over in her flip flops holding a very official clipboard. She'll check your bags, ask you how much you weigh and seat you on the plane according to 'said' weight.

And as you wipe the tears from your eyes wishing you never ever ever had to ever leaver, these will be your views from the air on your way out.

And before the wheels hit the ground, you'll have already planned your trip back next year.

It's been lovely being your tour guide, today, but really...I must go.


  1. Yep best place on earth! They also pour a very good adult beverage.

    Cant wait to go back with Paisley!

  2. Oh my goodness, what a fabulous surprise! Those views are just breathtaking, and I just LOVE the airport ;). So glad y'all had a GREAT babymoon!


  3. Ok, I want to go! It looks amazing...and swimming pigs are definitely a must see for my bucket list now!

  4. Holy crap, I want to go! No, I have to go! Ahhh. So peaceful & no crowd! Love it!!

  5. Oh - MY GOSH. I need more details on this. Did you guys fly out of Nassau, to get to Staniel Cay? Is the Yacht Club where you stay as well, and did they arrange for the flight? I need this vacation. Immediately.

  6. This is amazing. I may or may not be looking up the details on the Staniel Cay Yacht Club!! Would be a great trip!!

  7. HOLY CRAP. This is gorgeous. I need to be here, like now. Your pictures are stunning! And the baby bump is the cutest part.

  8. Wow, the views are breathtaking! I've heard so much about the pigs at Staniel Cay, it's on my list of places I must visit. Where did you get the white shorts romper and the black and white maxi dress? They're so cute! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  9. Beautiful photos, beautiful everything. Looks like you had a great babymoon and I love how you wrote your post.

  10. I have truly never heard of this beautiful little island - what a treasure! Thanks so much for sharing and what a sweet hubby you have :)

  11. That looks like PARADISE! and you look amazing :)

  12. Hey Stephanie! My boyfriend saw this wild pig place online and has been wanting to go ever since! Where would we start if we wanted to book this vacation? Did you do like an all-inclusive on the big island and then take a couple days on this small one? Any info would be a big help! I want to look into it!


  13. So amazing!!! Maybe I can convince my hubs to take me there ;)

  14. OMG that place looks amazing!!! I want to go right meow!

  15. Holy Moly. I WANT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Wow. That place is GORGEOUS!! The piglets... I die!!! SO CUTE!!!!! What a Mother's Day present!!! Next time pack me in your suitcase, ok?? HAHA

  17. Oh my gosh!! It's so beautiful there! I'm so jealous! :)

  18. That looks absolutely AMAZING.

  19. I'm pretty sure I could get my husband to go here based on the water and snorkeling!!!

  20. OMG your trip looks amazing!! What a perfect getaway! Seriously looks like you had the whole island to yourself. Beautiful.

  21. This is immediately going on my "places to visit" list. Looks ah-maze-ing!

  22. WHOA! SO prettyyyy! What a special trip and seriously gorgeous! Those flipping pigs were hilarious!

  23. Absolutely beautiful! I may be planning my own trip there! Thanks for playing tour guide!

  24. Stunning!!! Thanks for taking us along for the trip ;) The right way to do the Bahamas for sure.

  25. This is awesome! I have flown on one of those tiny planes before and sat shotgun,'s scary and cool at the same time! Also the pic of your hubby snorkeling in 6 inches of water is guy would do the same!

  26. AMAZING! And you are a cute little mama!!!!
    xoxo, bree

  27. There is heaven on earth.. wow! I won't lie though - those pigs crack me up EVERY TIME! And Beau with his shallow snorkelling x

  28. you just sold me! you should be salesperson, honestly. I'm ready to pack my bags and head out....please


  29. Wow, this looks incredible! I can't get over those swimming pigs! Your photos are beautiful, looks like a fantastic babymoon :)

  30. this. is. amazing!!! Looking it up right now!

  31. oh my goodness i NEED to go here - how did you find this place?! i assume it's not all inclusive because you mentioned the cheap drinks and dinner. but seriously - need info! this place is beautiful!

  32. I love how you wrote this post. So creative. My husband has been dying to go to Stanley Cay and I'm right behind him. Maybe if I show him your pictures I can convince him to pull the trigger on a trip.

  33. Oh my goodness, this place sounds absolutely amazing. Like- I'm saving my pretty pennies now so I can go one day- kind of amazing!

  34. What an amazing vacation, seriously :) And true story, I showed that instagram video of the pig to my class. We just happen to be learning about them and I mentioned they could swim, they thought it was soooo cool ;)

  35. Oh my gosh... I want to go!!! (without my baby) hahaha

  36. WOW! Gorgeous, gorgeous, views! This is DEFINITELY on my bucket list :)

  37. YAYYY this last Bahamas post out of the 4 I've been shoving in Scott's face (first two for months hahaha) has pushed him over the edge!! I think we're ACTUALLY going in September now! Umm so I owe you everything for this??!!!!! XO

  38. Oh my goodness...absolutely amazing!!!!

  39. Pardon my french but HOLY shit! That looks amazing.. WOW love the commentary..

  40. Oh my word! Staniel Cay looks amazing.... it just made the top 10 honeymoon prospects for me and my fiance!

  41. i have wanted to go to exuma to swim with the pigs sooooo bad!!!!! dying over those little piglets!
    what a beautiful secluded place!
    where are your suits from?! i had THE hardest time finding anything that fit the girls when i was pregnant!


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