May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend - Hill Country Style

Mornin' friends! I hope you all had a nice long weekend! And for anyone who had to work yesterday, you should probably consider getting a new job. Just kidding. (Maybe?) But I am very thankful for the three-day weekend and for the service men and women and their families for not only the long weekend, but of course, our freedom.

Ours was spent at none other than the beautiful Texas Hill Country! Besides the Bahamas, Beau and I are 100% in agreement that this is our favorite place on earth. Mark my word...I day...own a home here in this beautiful Hill Country of ours!

Oakley, for once, pretended to actually like water. And in all honesty...she LOVED it! She's been to the river before but was pretty skeptical the first time. Also see: (most) Ridgebacks HATE water.

This time, she was a full on river dog!

This face...

And because it rained the entire weekend...and by rain I mean torrential downpours, storms, tornado warnings and floods, we had to document the one and only time we actually got dressed, got out of the house and had a little bit of sunlight.
Marsha (my mother-in-law) & Aunt France (Beau's aunt) - aren't they dolls?!

Scott (Beau's cousin) & his baby boy, Kainan. Those thighs, y'all. I could squish him ALL day long! And the strawberry blonde hairs...gimme gimme gimme!

My in-laws! Love them!

Me & my favorite baby daddy ;)

And kisses from Aunt Frances to top it all off!
We're still under a tornado and flash flood warning and all kinds of other crazy storm warnings so if anyone else in this neck of the woods is reading this, be safe today and the rest of the week! It's NASTAY out there!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend! That place looks gorgeous and so peaceful! I just announced that we are pregnant over the weekend! I have been following your blog throughout your pregnancy! xoxo, Lindsay

  2. A friend in Alabama relayed the same type of weather! At least you had a moment of pretty weather, but too bad it wasn't a sunny weekend! :(

  3. We were in the Hill Country, too! Well, Dripping Springs and Austin, which is pretty much the hill country. My in laws live in Dripping Springs and we always love visiting. It only rained for us there on Saturday night, though. Lovely photos!

  4. I've heard great things about the Texas Hill Country, I'd love to visit someday! Also, you look absolutely gorgeous lady, you're glowing! xoxo

  5. Your in-laws are so cute! And so are you!

  6. You look amazing in that dress! You also look very tan :)

  7. I live in Texas and I've never been to the Hill Country! I would love to visit someday, your pictures are always so gorgeous. Looks like you had a great weekend! :)

  8. Oakley is such a beautiful dog! Looks like your weekend was great!

  9. Love the Texas Hill Country, one of my favorite spots in the state. Cute dress!

  10. Love your necklace! Looks like a nice chance to escape the bad weather!

  11. Beautiful! I don't think I've ever seen you without a tan! I'm quite jealous!

  12. What a gorgeous place to visit! I hear the Hill Country has amazing wine.

  13. Total perfection. Oaks looks like she's in heaven. Love love love. You look absolutely fabulous.

  14. What an awesome weekend - and your in laws look so young! Loving the bump mama x


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