May 5, 2014

Babymoon Planning 101

Not too long after we found out we were pregnant, we knew a babymoon was on the horizon. I mean, it's a necessity, right?! We did a ton of research: where to go, where not to go, tips, etc... While I'm not an expert, by any means, and while you should always always always consult with your physician before you book any kind of trip while pregnant, below are some really helpful hints I found and wanted to share with anyone who may be considering a babymoon in their future.

1. Mention the word "babymoon" to your spouse or significant other before becoming pregnant so that when the time comes, he is already well aware of your expectations and knows what's to come. Heck-a vacation for you means a vacation for him so there shouldn't be too much selling to be done! Also-there may not be another vacation with just the two of you for a long, long time (think 18ish years) so this is the perfect time to live it up before bringing a baby into the world.

2. After your husband is well aware of what a babymoon is, you'll need to make sure you time it right. You don't want to go too early in your pregnancy and for obvious reasons, you don't want to go too late either. Typically the second trimester is best because you're not putting yourself or baby through any major risks, plus, your energy will (hopefully) be back at that point so you can enjoy your trip rather than sleeping (or puking) your way through it. Also-certain airlines and cruise lines have restrictions about flying when pregnant so make sure you read their policies before handing over your credit card info.

3. Check with your doctor to make sure a) you're not high risk and b) that they approve of your destination. Every doctor is different so its important that they know where you'll be and give you the thumbs up before you say "Bon Voyage".

4. Arrange a stress-free (as possible) vacation. Of course, half the fun in going on a trip is the hustle and bustle of it all the few days before you leave but make sure your destination provides some sort of relaxation. For example, Disney World (our original choice) sounds like a terrible decision at this point. Kids, strollers, long lines, lots of, no, no and NO thank you. Everyone's idea of relaxing is completely different. For us, it was no question we'd be heading to a beach...once we nixxed Disney, of course.

5. Once you've plotted out your destination, if you're flying, be sure to reserve an aisle seat on the plane for those 52 trips to the lavatory that you'll be making. It's not even a question you'll become BFFs with the plane lavatory so you might as well have easy access to it and avoid having to crawl over a sleepy neighbor.

6. Make sure there's some sort of medical help nearby. Whether its a full-blown hospital or a clinic, you'll have peace of mind knowing that there is someone around the care for you should you need their assistance.

7. Try booking your trip in a place where there is no language barrier. Should there be any type of medical emergency, you'll want to make sure you speak the same language as those who are caring for you. Do you know how to say "epidural" in Spanish? Exactly.

8. Extra pillows, please! Make sure you book a room with a king-size bed. You'll want to make sure you have enough room for not only your belly, but for the pillows to support you, too. Plus-its your babymoon! You deserve a king size bed!

9. Think about the food. Besides the beach, my second favorite thing about vacationing is the FOOD! However, remember not all food (and water) is safe. Think Mexico. Beau and I really wanted to go back to where we went for our honeymoon (Playa Mujeres, Mexico) but as soon as we remembered the excruciating stomach pains we experienced from the food and the water...even the bottled water, we immediately nixxed the idea. Pick a place where you know the food and water is safe. Not to mention, you'll probably want to find a place that has a large variety of food. Remember those food adversions? Ya...the last thing you want to deal with on vacation is only wanting pickles and cereal and not having access to either.

10. Choose a place that's somewhat close to home. Sure-a trip to Italy sounds fan-freaking-tastic but a 14 hour flight (that's a wild guess...I really have no idea how far it is?) with a bladder the size of a pea and the chance of blood clots from sitting for so thanks. Choose somewhere that's only a couple hours away. It's just best for all parties involved.

11. Tell everyone you're expecting! Just like when you're on your honeymoon, the people in the hospitality industry want to recognize that so be sure they know you're on your babymoon! You never know what upgrades might be thrown your way! Hello, deluxe king size room with a view! ;)

Remember: your babymoon doesn't have to be on an exoctic caribbean island. Nor does it have to be some extravagant trip to somewhere on the other side of the country. It can just be a simple "staycation" in your own hometown at a local hotel. Something...anything! The goal is to plan a little getaway for you and baby daddy to relax and enjoy before the dirty diapers and sleepless nights roll around.

Did you take a babymoon?! Any tips for me before we leave for ours?!


  1. We accidentally took a baby moon. We went to Seattle for our first wedding anniversary in September 2010 and I found out I was pregnant within the first week of November. We had been trying for over a year at that point, so it was most welcomed and the thought of traveling again {especially after some early complications and a threatened miscarriage} were the last things on our mind.

  2. I don't know if you ever told me you got sick at Excellence! Neither of us did so that makes me feel bad for you! :( Either're going to a good spot anyway! TJ wants me to nix the babymoon idea and spend the $ to have someone paint the whole house. I don't exactly think it's going to be a monetary I have not yet given up, ha :P

    1. She had a small stomach ache for a short time it was not that big of a deal.

  3. Hi Stephanie! I've been reading your blog for a little while and am so excited you're expecting! My hubby and I went to Buenos Aires for our babymoon last February and it was so much fun. We whipped out that high school Spanish, laughed hysterically when I went up to strangers and asked "donde esta freddo (the good ice cream shop)", explored, relaxed, and lived it up. Oh, and one major benefit of going to South America is they treat you like absolute royalty when you're pregnant. Like, even the airlines have separate first-class lines for expecting moms! Babymoons should be mandatory! Have a great time!

  4. Apparently I really missed out on this. Didn't do a babymoon last time and am at the point where I think it's too late to do one now. Totally bummed.

  5. great advice lady! now here's a husband and I are going on our "one last hurrah! vacay" this september before we "start trying" can I still convince him to take me on a baby moon too?! ;) haha, hope you enjoy this wonderful upcoming vacay with your baby daddy!

  6. Thanks for the reminder that we NEED to book ours!

  7. We did the complete opposite for our babymoon - we went on a 4 country trip through Europe during the beginning of my third trimester. For us, the point of the vacation was to do something that'd be REALLY hard to do with a newborn - and it was amazing! I'm so glad you're going to be taking a babymoon... the time I was able to spend with my husband was invaluable!


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