July 28, 2011

My Date With Strangers

Well-there was no secret handshake involved nor was I hazed (can you tell I'm an ex-sorority girl??) but I somehow finagled my way into meeting a few local bloggers last night for drinks & didn't get kidnapped!

Let me set the stage:

Tuesday AM:
Tweet from Jenny in regards to #Htownbloggers followed
by a little researching to see what it was all about...

Tuesday PM:
Sporadic happy hour planned w/ strangers
No big deal.
Wednesday AM:
(Standing in my closet) What the hell will I wear?!

Wednesday Lunch:
(conversation b/t Beau & I)
Beau: "How will you know who they are? Do you have their numbers?"
Me: "I'll message them on twitter" (with a confident "DUH" demeanor)

Wednesday PM: Tweet from Megan
5pm hit and I was outta there (after I changed, combed my rat-tastic hair and touched up the face, of course). Girlfrand needed a drink! So I park, get out and make my way to the bar. I turned the corner and realized a few butterflies in my stomach and thought "Oh my gosh. What if these 'girls' aren't who they said they were? What if they're creepy old men pretending to be these cute lil' bloggers and they try to steal me?" Here I am going to meet complete strangers and this thought crosses my mind as I'm walking up...(Damnit, Stephanie. Get with it.)

Rest assured...that didn't stop me.
I mean, I had my cell phone in hand just in case a lil' 911 action needed to happen.

Anywho-I get to Yardhouse, turn to the left, wondered past a couple booths packed with creepy old business men (not gonna lie...for a second I thought to myself "Ummm should I just turn around now?") but once again, that didn't stop me. I walked to the next booth and there they were! Sure enough-sitting at a huge booth to the left! (Note to self: glad I told them what I was wearing so they would recognize me, too. How awkward would it be to walk up to a huge booth of girls and it NOT be the right ones??)

Without further adieu-here we is!
Lindsay, Savanah, Megan, Meg, Me
Savanah-I'll take that tan of yours. Thanks! ;)

Megan, Meg & Me
Lindsay & Savanah

Apparently I was the booze hound of the group-no surprise there- but I had so much fun and am excited to get to know this great group of girls!

I still can't believe I am just now finding out about this gang...better late than never, right?!


  1. LOVE it!!!!! Can't wait until next time!

  2. Haha! Love your post. I'd be a booze hound with you, but..... um, yeah. Pregnancy is a bitch like that. HAHA! So glad to meet you yesterday- you were a blast to talk to!

  3. it was good to meet you yesterday!! We'll have to do it again soon!

  4. JEALOUS!! Loooks like so much fun..wish I could come! only a minor, not expensive flight! ;)

  5. Very cool- I really need to get in twitter. So glad the group is getting more active.

  6. how cool! maybe there is something to this twitter business :) i WISH there was a blogger within 300 miles of me, but alas, my town is small and in the desert.

  7. HA! Your post cracked me up. I thought the same things all day yesterday and while driving to the Yard House last night! I'm glad no one turned out to be a killer. :) Great to meet you!

  8. booze hound, hahaha
    love your post and glad you had a fun time lady! I'm glad they turned out to be true bloggies, not stuffy old creepsters in business suits!

  9. this is suuuuper cool!! :D :D :D i only wish there were such meets happening here but i don't think there ever will be. blogging doesn't have such a "community" feel where i'm from. you ladies looked like you guys had fun!! (all them smilessss - blinding white teeth! lol)

    and i'm relieved for you (too) that they weren't actually creepy old men. ;P

  10. i would have been freaked out! your brave ;)


  11. Fun! Glad you had a great time :) (And didn't get stolen. lol)

  12. i love the photo with the caption, megan, meg and me. when i hang out with a few of my friends, we are megan, megan and meg, people think we are joking until we pull out our IDs to prove to them it is fun!


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