July 4, 2011

What do a keg stand, a jock strap & a game warden all have in common?

My weekend.

Which was spent on the Frio w/ family & friends (standard)!

Lessons learned this weekend:

1. We may be "old" (as in "not 18")
but we can still hang with the best of 'em...

My husband makes me so proud...
(ps-check out those guns. Just sayin'...)
"Pink Pong" anyone?
2. Never, and I mean never, pass out on the river.
3. A red bandana and pit bull are sure signs you'll be chased down and arrested by the TX Game Warden. Classy dude...

4. Todd has a weird fascination with old, algae-infested jock straps and throwing them at you...

Well, looks like I'm home for tonight and tomorrow then off the beautiful Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for the U.S. Women's Open! Cannot wait to be at this beautiful resort!
Maybe I'll try to convince Beau to do a guest post while I'm gone...

Hmmmm...it's worth a shot.

Oh! And I almost forgot!!

Ladies, guess who's giving away FREE food ALL week long in honor of Customer Appreciation??

One clue:
You're welcome.


  1. All week? I thought it was today only? Looks like you had a great weekend.

  2. Never ever get old! I LOVE it. Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Enjoy The Broadmoor!

  3. Looks like a fabulous weekend with the fam. Never grow up, fun is for all ages. :)

  4. Love the pic collage lady ;)
    FREEEEEE FOOOD AND I CAN'T EAT MEAT?!?! AHHH. This may be the one time in 6 mos I miss chicken.

  5. nothing like a good algae jock strap! haha

    im 22 and feel like my life has not been completed because ive never done a keg stand before! AH!

    looks like you had an awesome weekend in the river!!

  6. hahahh the jock strap!! that's hilarious. I can't wait to get to the river later in the summer! super jealous you go from the river to that resort- have fun!!

  7. Hilarious about the passed out guy! lol Looks like you had a lot of fun and plenty of entertainment. xox

  8. haha can't believe you caught a pic of that dude getting arrested! love your blog!

  9. Hahaha looks like you guys had a blast! And don't think I didn't notice how cute it is that your to-go cup & your bathing suit match in that 1st pic. Hah!

  10. Looks like you had a fun weekend! I cracked up when I saw the picture of the guy passed out! Oh, and we are totally bffs forever now since you informed me about this free food all week! CFA has my heart! Haha!


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