July 21, 2011

My Only Girl Cave

I have ONE complaint about this whole married life thing...


Although I've been able to sneak in a little red here and a little zebra there with Beau's approval...the Howard household is pretty much all blue and brown and "neutral" and oh-consists of dead animals on the walls, too!
...((you know you're jealous))

What can I say?! A girl starts to miss her pink & bling & fluff soooo
what better thing to do than to bring it alllll to the office? Right?!


In honor of my 2 year work anniversary (which is today, by the way!) I hope you're prepared for a little sneak peak into the only girl cave I have left!

I "organized" (aka stuffed crap underneath) right
before I took this-consider yourselves lucky

Apparently it's supposed to help your core while you work but I'm pretty sure sitting Indian style on it all day totally defeats the purpose. ((And yes-that takes practice, my friends)) By the way-the only reason I have the "Jane Fonda" ball is because I got it for a total steal at Tar-jay...6 bucks girls! I'm not ashamed...

And onto the desk decor:
(yes-I'll pretend my work comp is a Mac.)

My "Oh-that looks like a good spot for it!" board...
One might think I have very important documents in these drawers of mine..

...More like a mini Ulta/Grocery store...
Ok-maybe this stuff is a leeetle important...
Please tell me y'all have one of these drawers too...
& if you don't have one of these-YOU SHOULD!
The only part of my office that ever stays "neat"...
PS-is anyone else obsessed with decorating their office or am I just that lame?! ;)


  1. Seriously, you are adorable! Can you please come decorate my office!? I have to agree, though, it's the only place that still has those girly touches ;)

  2. Cute office!! The only reason I wish I had a desk job is so I could make it super cute, but my office consist of a massage table :)!

  3. I love this post! After sitting at a boring, naked brown desk for almost a year it occured to me that just because I work in an open space (i.e. no cubicle, no door) doesn't mean I can't girly it up. And so i did. P.S. you comments on your Jane Fonda ball picture had me literally LaughingOL.

  4. I love your office! The desk is the cutest!! I agree.Well, I'm not married, but I do hae permissn to decorate the boyfriends house and I love pink, animal print, and the color turquiose he told me I would loose my privlages if I brought pink or animal print into the extra bedroom. I did get my turquiose, so I was excited.. but I do have to keep the cow skull and the deer antlers on the shelf in the room, he said those weren't going in his man cave. I am working on it, they will be removed from my room, hahaha. I am enjoying all my pink and animal print in my room at my own home, but know that will change when I move in with him at the end of the year.

  5. our bathroom and bedroom are the same way---browns, greens, etc. we haven't had the opportunity to decorate anything else. i convinced hubby that i'm going to decorate the living room in yellow and grey, while he is gone. i'm really wanting a girl cave. when i do get one, it is definitely going to be pink!

  6. Ok, two questions where can I get a cute coaster like that one!? And how in the word do you write on your pictures like that? lol I've been trying to figure that out!

  7. btw -- love everything! I think it's so fun to dress up your desk at work too!

  8. This looks so cute!! Glad you had fun making a girlie spot that you can go and enjoy, and maybe get a little workout in :)

  9. i LOVE it! all the girly touches are perfect! i really really need you to come help me re-decorate MY office... its a disaster.

  10. your desk is SO awesome. And I am loving your background picture on your computer! Yup im a creep and looked closely to see it!

    when i get married, whenever that may be, i also worry about my girl cave..my girly stuff. While neutral is pretty and all that, I still love my pink, leopard, and bright colors!! Wat girl wouldn't!? I think you've done an excellent job in bringing the girl cave to the office!


  11. I had my first internship this Summer and became obssessed with decorating my space. Yours is adorable!

  12. Oooh I like your office a lot! I'm moving soon within my company and it'll be the first time I have my own office...can't wait to decorate it. I'm def going to try to DIY my own dry erase board! Such a cute idea!

  13. I adore your girl cave, Stephanie!!! Happy weekend :)

  14. I will hire you to come decorate my space. Just not pink. Totally works for you but I'm more of a blue kinda girl so whadda think?! :) Looks good!

  15. congrats on your 2 years! hope it is the best one yet and they just keep getting better and better. I totally relate with you on the whole decorating thing, less girly in the house and you have to redecorate with all your girly things elsewhere!

  16. i think every girl needs a "space"

  17. holy roman canoli! come to my house a decorate my girl cave...please!

    i love your space!

  18. I don't mean for this to be random or odd, but I noticed the vitamins you have and the vitamins research books. I recently got my hair cut and it's wayyy shorter than I wanted - do you know of any good vitamins for hair growth?

  19. Since Scotty and I got married I have had to make my girl cave the office in the house. LOL! He never goes in there so it is my one girly heaven!

  20. Your desk space and office is super cute! Im soo redecorating! haha thanks for the inspiration :)

  21. love it!!! your space is so organized and cute :-) we are planning on moving our study to another room in the house and I am so excited about chances for new decor

  22. You are adorable!! I just got an office and I am having SO much fun doing pink and sparkles everywhere!!!!

  23. Ummmm please please please come decorate my office! I love yours! Mine is boring, messy, and disorganized. Oh and did I say messY? ugh!

  24. Steph, this is on my to-do list as well. I've been so wrapped up in the job that I've not even been able to pay attn to my surroundings until now. (Except for the dead plants :) It's on the project list too!

  25. Ha too cute and those drawers are too funny!

  26. Rule #1 if/when we finally find a house? He gets the basement for "Manland" and I get everything else. :) LOL


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