July 18, 2011

Out with the old. In with the new.

Well, hey there!

It's Monday morning, and pretty typical of me to be on Blogger this early on a Monday but not so typical that I'm off today!! Can I get an amen?

Anywho, I woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning because, well...

1.) no worky for me today ((which means a 3.5 day work week!))
2) the house is somewhat clean I don't have to spend my day off participating in maidly duties
3) The Bachelorette is on tonight and...
4) I have a full day to hang out with my babay...and by "babay", I don't mean Beau...

I'm talkin' about this pretty lil' girl...
Don't you just love the big red bow?
So dramatic!

If you've followed my blog for quite some time, you've heard about my luck with cars...or lack thereof. [[If not, you can read about my pity party here and here.]]

From totaling my first car (the Celica) to driving a brand spankin' new Yukon that had everything except the kitchen sink, to a POS Mazda that crapped out on me after 10 months, to an 10 year old, rickety Lexus IS300, which, by the way, is still a fantastic little ride....FINALLY...I feel like I'm in my car.

Since the day I stepped foot (or butt?) into that little old IS300, I knew I would own another one. First of all, they're gorgeous cars (ok, so maybe I'm a little biased), they hold their resale value like no other and they last for-freaking-ever!! (hopefully, anyways...)

Beau made a deal with me that if I got him an appointment with a really big potential client he would buy me a new car. Also the fact that I have not been in a good quality, reliable vehicle for a little over two years now, we both decided it was time. But it couldn't be just any car...he knows I've had my eye on this puppy for quite some time now...and let's be honest...he has too...

Let's just say I came through and so did he!! :))

After conversing back and forth with the sweet, sweet sales girl (who, by the way, we drove absolutely nuts with 4,6,35 phone calls, emails and texts...), Friday afternoon we packed up and headed to Dallas. I knew I wanted the Starfire Pearl color and I just had to buy my next vehicle from a Sewell dealership. Since their only Lexus dealership is in Dallas...we had to take a mini road trip!

Sidenote: If you're from Texas and are considering a new vehicle, I'm telling you-go to Sewell. I've read their book and know their background and I'm more than willing to give my money to a good business with good ethics and outstanding customer service. Just trust me on this one.

Anywho-so we arrived about an hour before they closed, took a little spin and fell in love. I signed my life away, drove her home the next morning and could not be any happier. There's just something about being in a really pretty, extremely reliable little car that makes me feel all giddy inside!

And that new car smell?? Yep! It's there!

So anyways...I really don't have much planned for the day but I'm sure I can find a good reason to take her out for a spin! ;)


  1. LOVE IT! CONGRATS!! What a good trade off?? I would take that deal anyday! I need to mention this to Billy ASAP.

    Enjoy your day with your new baby :)

  2. Gorgeous car! Best of luck with it!

  3. oh mannnn gotta love the new car smell. your babay is BEAUTIFUL!

    i just got a new car back in feb/march and i LOVE love love it. have fun buzzin around town being a straight up GANGSTA :-)


  4. ahhhhh its so so gorgeous!!! I have a pearl car and I don't think I'll ever change I love it but beware - one time I broke off my mirror and it was almost triple the cost because of the pearl color paint! Yikes! But totally worth it to me :) Enjoy it!!!! I love the new car smell!

  5. Love your new car. It's gorgeous!

  6. I'm glad you love your new baby! Mine was rear-ended last week and they are thinking about totaling her :( I will probably just get the exact same car though. haha.


  7. so beautiful! i love it
    and i love that color for sure!

  8. Love it!! And agree with everything you said about Lexus!! They are my favorite brand because they seem so reliable!! My mother had the RX300 for a few years and the only problem she ever had with it was that she blew a speaker out!! She is actually looking at getting the hybrid now because out of all the cars she has had in the past 15 years, it was, hands down, her favorite!!

  9. YAY for your new car!!! I love Lexuses (my mom has the RX400h)! I drive my pretty little Audi though. do you have a name for your car yet because that is certainly a beautiful little thing!

  10. so pretty! congrats!!! and i LOVE the big bow!

  11. i'm jealous. i want a new car so bad!

  12. Your new car is so pretty!! Your babay (Beau) is awesome for following through and getting your babay (Lexi) for you! ;) Have fun and be careful!!

  13. Just stumbled across your blog! And I can't wait to read more! I love your new car, I have always wanted to walk outside and have a big red bow on a brand new car! Dramatic but perfect!

  14. the red bow is definitely beautiful! and i do loooove new car smell! :D

    P.S. i have a Perricone giveaway going on right now, i hope you can join. :)

    <3, Mimi

  15. LOVE your new car, the bow, an &Sewell! They are the BEST! We bought my Tahoe (it was used but still amazing!) from there. CONGRATS!


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