January 30, 2012

If I Ran For President

Oh hai there!! 
Happy Monday to you too!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! I sure did. I was able to pull out my good ol' cowgirl boots and a dress on Friday night and was lovin' every minute of it. Rodeo is HOW many days away?! Oh ya-31!!

Enough about me...

Today I'm linking up with Erin @ Living In Yellow
for my version of:

"If I Ran for President"...
(OK-maybe I'm still talking about me. Whatevs.)

First things first, can you only imagine what the world would be like if I (me, Stephanie Nicole, this girl) ran for prezzy?? I'm not so sure I'd live in the US of A anymore if I were you but that's neither here nor there...

Ok let's get started, shall we?!

1. Work weeks would only be 4 days long. Max. 
Saturday, Sunday and MONDAY would be the new "weekend" because let's face it...no one likes Mondays.

2. Nationwide nap-time for everyone at 3pm.
Students, employees, presidents, CEOs, stay-at-home-moms.
At 3pm, you lay that head down and you like it.

3. Every company would instill an X% raise each year for their employees.
Need I say more? Of course, things like bringing your boss coffee and picking up lunch for her every once in a while would increase this little percentage but to each his own.

4. Fried foods...nixxed.
Heart disease is THE #1 killer IN THE WORLD. Do you know what causes it????
French fries, fried pickles, chicken nuggets, chips...yes...FRIED foods.
No more.

5. And while we're out it...sugar too.
Diabetes is right there behind heart disease. Not to mention...sugar causes inflammation in the body. Inflammation in the body causes cancer. Cancer feeds on sugar. Vicious cycle, I tell ya.

6. Cigarettes = outlawed.
Nicotine & tobacco companies would be shut down completely.
Can you imagine how many lives would be saved by the one simple movement?

7. The Bachelor would air year-round.
Twice a year is not enough. Surely there are enough crazies out there to make this happen. C'mon ABC...you know how much more money that'd bring in.

8. No driving for Asians. Period.
I love me some Asians and have a few Asian friends 
of my very own but lord knows they should NOT be on the road.
Drunk or sober.

9. Insurance covers vitamins...not just drugs.
 In my honest opinion, I think insurance should also cover all hair appointments...cut and color. I mean-this is what keeps me sane. It's like an anti-depressant...but not.

10. Men would carry babies.
Okay. So this might be super awkward but I'm all for it. Let's let them be fat for 9 months and see how they deal with it? Morning sickness, swollen ankles, buttons popping...take THAT, guys.

11. Each person is forced to have maid service at least twice a month.
Clean houses = happy people.
Happy people = healthy people.
Healthy people = healthy country.
Healthy country = happy country.

12. Men are required to deal with any and all car problems.
From oil changes and tire rotations, to flat tires and blown engines.
Cars were not made for women to fix and therefore, women taking their car in for a simple oil change would be unheard of.
13. All nail salons would supply their customers with complimentary booze.
No explanation necessary.

14. No more groundhog day.
Punxsutawney Phil has been wrong for the past how many years? I mean, our country PAYS people to go out every year on the SAME day in February, dress in ridiculous clothing and over-sized top hats to see if this little rat comes out of his hole. Newsflash: if weathermen can't predict the weather for tomorrow, a damn groundhog cannot predict the weather for the next 6 weeks.

15. Picnik would NOT shut down.

Between Erin and myself, I think we've covered just about all the important details.

What do you think?
Would you vote for me?


  1. hahaha that's awesome - i'm good with mandatory booze at any service location. Hair. Makeup. Nails. Oil Change. DMV. All of it.

  2. You had me at all of these until the fried food and sugar. HAHA I know it's bad for me... but I love it oh so much! :)

  3. This is about the funniest thing ever and I would 100% be voting for you!!!

  4. This is so stinking cute, I can't even begin to tell you. How long did this take you to write, seriously? I'm impressed and would do anything to have you in office. Hell, I'd be your campaign president and would scream from every hill top that you deserve to be in office and would make every chicks life just that much more enjoyable!! Hilarious my friend. Hilarious...

  5. You have my vote!! Please run for president!!!


  6. I'll confess I did BYOB to the salon on Saturday.....

    I'm spoiled since my hair salon serves wine with every visit :)

  7. Umm - you look freaking fantastic in that dress!!!

    Also, what the heck are we going to do without Picnik??? I am panicking!!

    Maids, Bachelor year-round, and nationwide naps? You have my vote.

  8. I would vote for you, Erin, and myself to be in office! We would fricken badASS. Now it's my turn to come up with this list....let's see if I can fit it in my busy schedule this week ::thinking:: lol ;) oh ya lova, will you update to my new blog button? please and thanks.holler. ps-if you want to put a header like "most amazing person ever" on top of it, I WON'T object.

  9. Ha ha! To funny! I like the way you think :)

  10. haha you totally had my vote until fried foods! I can live without sugar but take away my fried foods and this southern girl is taking her vote else where! by the way- I almost spit out my water when I read no more asian drivers! You are too funny. I need to do a post on this!!

  11. You have my vote!!

    Campaign Slogan:
    Don't be a coward.
    Vote for Howard!! 2012!!


    And can I throw out a suggestion: Wine at work....

  12. Id TOTALLY vote for you!! this cracked me up!! At 3pm, you lay that head down and you like it.
    haha! please create one from a guys stand point. id love to hear that!!!

  13. You are so darn cute! Cute outfit!!! This post seriously made my day! "All nail salons would supply their customers with complimentary booze" HAHAHAHA! I love it! You have my vote!!!!

  14. I love how you're talking all serious about heart disease, diabetes...and then....the Bachelor. Happy Bachelor Monday to you! I know where I'll be tonight :)

  15. You have my vote :) LOVE the post! Agreed with pretty much everything. You rock!

  16. I'd vote for you if you ran for president! At least I fully understand your points of view ;o)

  17. Bahahaha! I'd love it if you were president! Too funny, but those are some good, real issues.

    P.S. super cute outfit!!!

  18. i'm with you 99%!! but uh.. i kinda love fried foods. oops! =/

  19. You've got my vote as long as you put we can have sugar in moderation!! I'm pretty sure the nap idea is the greatast ever. I'm a labor and delivery nurse so I'm pretty sure men having the babies would not be good for me, I could only imagine the whining!!

  20. I'm in for just about everything---- but I'd like to keep my sugar, in moderation of course! ;)

  21. http://www.someecards.com/groundhog-day-cards/lets-get-an-extended-weather-forecast-from-a-jittery-inconsistent-reddish-brown-rodent


  22. This is so cute! lol. You so got my vote girlie! Love the dress and jacket btw!


  23. Looking smokin' hot in that pic gurrrl;)

  24. Literally DYING right now hahaha love this... I agree with basically every single one.. my faves that I would help you campaign for would be: health insurance covering cut and colors (its a must for my mood), Bachelor year round (and Pretty Little Liars I would add) and of course the Picnik not shutting down!!! WHAT are we going to do without it? Great minds think alike girl! :)

  25. Number 8 is my favorite and I TOTALLY agree!!! They should definitely not be allowed on the road!

  26. I like the way you think! You've got my vote!

  27. This is hilarious!!! I am loving the booze at the salon thing!

    Hope you have a great night!


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