January 11, 2012

(Yeast-Free) Food for Thought

Whether I've coaxed you into doing "Yeast-Free With Me" or not, I think we can all use a little pep talk when it comes to what we put in our mouths.

As a famous Kardashian once said,
"A minute at the lips is a lifetime at the hips."

Ok so I don't fully live out this philosophy by said Kardashian sister. Nor would I ever live out any philosophy by any of the Kardashian sisters but that's not my point. I'm all about indulging in yourself every once in a while. Keywords here: "every once in a while".

Let's talk food, shall we?

Y'all. The response to my last post regarding the yeast-free diet was overwhelming. A good kind of overwhelming. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was to find 130+ notes in my lil' ol' inbox with your kind words, your goals you've set for yourself in 2012 and just the overall feeling of a happier, healthier year. I'm confident the giveaway had nothing to do with it. ;)

I was so excited about how many of y'all were committing to this lifestyle change that I even admitted to my boss that I would be checking my blog every hour on the hour to see what the response would be. She just smiled. (I think she thinks blogging is weird. Whatevs.)

Anywho...where were we?

Oh! Food. That's right.

So one of THE main questions I've gotten and that I actually get all the time (because 80% of what I eat is yeast-free) is "WHAT DO YOU EAT??!!"

So girls, I'm here to tell you.

First things first...I do not do recipes with a crap ton of ingredients that either A) I can't pronounce B) I've never heard of or C) I don't know where to find. Half the time, I don't even use recipes. I don't like having to follow rules as it is so I'm definitely not going to follow a recipe if I don't have to. Deal? Deal.

Second, cook in bulk. Not only does this cover at least 2-4 of your meals but you can freeze it for future meals. Soups and chili are the best for this. Mother taught me this. Friggin' genius.

And last, always remember...the simpler, the better. Stick with what you know but be creative.

(Sidenote: many of you may or may not know that I also write for my company's blog which means I will be linking there often for a lot of these recipes.)
Get your printers ready, cuz here we go!


1. Scrambled eggs/egg whites with turkey/Canadian bacon: 1/2 avocado and/or salsa on top of your eggs!

2. Sausage balls: 1 roll of Jimmy Dean All-Natural sausage + 1 cup garbanzo bean flour. Mix together. Roll into walnut sized balls. Bake on 350 for 20 minutes.

3. Protein shake (sans fruit for first 2 wks): 8 oz. unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1 scoop Jay Robb vanilla whey protein powder, 1 tbsp nut butter, dash of cinnamon, ice. Blend. Voila!

4. Breakfast cookie: God Bless Katie for sharing this recipe with me. 
Oh! Hai there, beautiful!

5. Pumpkin Muffins: Need I say more?!


1. Leftovers: always make enough the night before to carry you through lunch the next day. I cannot express this enough. Lunch is boring anyways. Might as well try to spice it up as much as possible.

2. Chipotle burrito bowl: Yes. I said "Chipotle". No rice, no cheese, no corn.
Both beans. Any meat. Add guac. Done son.

3. Amy's Black Bean Chili: I always have 2+ cans of this on hand at all times. When all else fails...this schtuff is pretty darn good!


1. Chili: I use large cans of black and kidney beans to give it more fiber. Adding extra beans also makes "more" so it typically lasts me longer.
I don't know if you can find this mix in any other states than TX and LA but if you can find any chili mix with no flour/sugar in the "ingredients" list, BUY IT. If not, use the ingredients from this package and make your own! (chili, onion, salt, cumin, garlic, oregano).

2. Chicken Tortilla Soup: I use 5 chicken breasts so it makes more.

3. Taco Wraps: Even Beau likes these!

4. Spaghetti Squash Spaghetti: We have this weekly.


2. Nuts: almonds, cashews, pecans. pistachios, peanuts, you name it. (Remember: NO "honey roasted"!!)

3. Terra Chips (original only!) & hummus

4. Celery & sugar-free peanut butter


Vodka/soda. All I'm sayin'. 

Here we are. At a bar. Watching football. On day 5 of the YF diet. Still alive.

This CAN be done.
If Beau can do it, so can you.
 Don't forget!
My giveaway will be ending Monday so if you wanna score yoself some new running shorts and other health-minded goodies, sign up today!!


  1. I'm SO ready to try this yeast free thing and love that you shared what you "can" eat. Question ... how many calories do you shoot for each day?

  2. I missed the giveaway because I was too busy getting my chin sewed shut. And my sewed, I mean glued.

    I don't know about this YF biz-naz but if a country boy like Beau can do it, then maybe there is hope for me. I'm about to check out all these recipes you've linked to. Tonight I'm making this easy breazy breakfast casserole (not refrigerating it overnight like the recipe says to) that I think you would approve of. It's soooo good. I blogged about it a long time ago back when I was just a wee baby blogger.

    Check, check, check it out:


    I bet this post took you forever, and I appreciate that. I'll have you know I read every word!

  3. I am getting married in 6 months and you are great inspiration. If we were to order any of the vitamins/cleanse etc. what would you recommend that helped you?
    THanks, Haley

  4. Great food/eating tips thank you so much! :-) I will have to try the breakfast foods you mentioned & chili!

  5. I just started reading your blog.... I love it!!! Question though, your recipe using whey protein.... It's allowed on the yeast free diet?? I always thought whey was dairy... But if it's allowed that will make this sooooo much easier!!! :)

  6. Okay I am terrified of this Yeast Free business, but I had to chime in and say you look STUNNING in that photo!

  7. I think this looks awesome and congrats on being able to be that disciplined..me-not so much i am doing my fast and already dying on day 3..they seem to be dragging on!

    the tortilla soup is amazing!

  8. Awesome food ideas & recipes! And any diet that includes Chipotle is perfect for me. Seriously love it!

  9. Do you know how excited I just got when I saw that I can eat Chipotle on this diet?? FANTASTIC news! Beautiful pic of you and your hubby. Thanks for the recipes:)

  10. Totally wish I could so this! When I tell myself I can't eat something it makes me crazy obsessed about eating it. Haha. You go girl! {& beau} looking fabulousssss! Might have to convince myself to try it out!

  11. Thanks for the recipes!!!

    Not only am I doing the YF diet but I've also conned - I mean convinced - two of my BFF's to do it with me. One works here in my building and the other is in Louisiana but we're going to keep each other accountable. Although we're already dying looking at the "can't eat" list. LOL!!!

    I can't wait to share these recipes with them.

  12. when i read your post yesterday i thought, "there's no way in hell i'm doing that!" but with all these yummy recipes it doesnt seem that bad! maybe i'll slowly adapt some of these in to my life.

  13. I really want to try this once I am done nursing baby K to shed any additional weight! I honestly think it looks pretty easy, especially after all of those cool recipes you posted! I eat half of that stuff half of the time, anyway!!

  14. ok miss steph...you have grabbed my attention. i gotta know the end results after 30 days. will you post some info on how you feel, energy levels, if you lost any weight, etc? i am super impressed because i have ZERO self-control.

  15. I am so excited for this challenge and cannot wait to get healthier!

    Thanks for the inspiration


  16. This is very similar to the gluten free diet that I have to follow due to Celiac Disease. Starting a diet like this can be hard but you will feel so much better once you get used to it. I've been gluten free for 6 months and feel so much better. And I agree, cooking and freezing food makes things so much easier!

  17. All I can say if wow. I could so NOT do this diet girl. I eat too much junk food etc and am so picky! You Go Girl :)

  18. I'll be honest I'm a bit scared. This is way outta my normal {which is why I am a chunk}. Avocado for breakfast... I'm nervous Steph!
    Basically this is a lot of Mexican-type food, ay?

  19. OK so after clicking through your website like 100 times I think I am ready to start this. I think I will drink a ton of beer this weekend to get it outta my system haha. Thanks for the great post and meal ideas! :)

  20. Thanks for the recipes. I'm going to do my homework and see what else I can/can't eat on this diet :)


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