January 31, 2012

What if...

Have you ever thought "What if?"

No, really. 

Have you ever thought about how on earth you
ended up in the life you're living right now?

I did the other day. 

I was talking with someone about how I ended up going to school at UofH and while they went on to share how they ended up there too, my mind began to wander.
(Did I ever tell you I'm sometimes a bad listener?)

I couldn't help but think allllll the way back to being 15...
What if I wouldn't have spent that one weekend at UofH 
partying with my best friend's older sister?
(You know...as much "partying" as a 15 year old can do.)

What if I hadn't loved it and made up my mind that 
day that UofH was the only school I would apply to?
(Out of ALLLLLL the other major universities in Texas...)

What if I wouldn't have been accepted?

What if I never joined a sorority?

What if I never became Delta Zeta?
...which I later found out was the sister sorority to Beau's fraternity, Sigma Nu.

 What if I wouldn't have broken up with my high school boyfriend?

What if Beau would have never torn his ACL 
playing baseball his freshman year at a different college?
(Go ahead and look. Baseball players have the best butts. I know...)

What if he would have never transferred to UofH?

What if he never joined that fraternity?

What if I would have never applied for that college algebra course? 

What if he never applied for that college algebra course?

What if I never gave him that chance?

What if he never gave me that chance?
Do you see what I'm sayin'?

Funny how God has these little plans for you and
you don't even realize what the hay is going on.

All I know is I am so blessed that I was led into his life.
So now I ask you:

What if?


  1. Well I am glad I transfered, I would of never become a sigma nu. Hahah JK I would of never of met you. Also where did you get that picture of me at UMHB?


  2. such a good post. love it. sometimes i like to picture the world as if i had never been born...and it's usually a sad picture in my head. ;)

  3. I've always wondered the same thing with my hubby! I even wrote about it too: http://southernbelle23.blogspot.com/2010/06/what-if.html

    Everything always seems to work out for the best, and everything happens for a reason :)

  4. What if you never became a brunette?


  5. i think at some point we all wonder what if :) like what if bff hadnt convinced me to go to THAT party... the one where I met e?
    oh and random: the girl on the bottom left in black. I THINK her name is Melissa- we went to HS together. small world.

  6. I think about this often. It really is amazing how decisions that seem so small can truly alter the course of our lives.

  7. I love this post!! I think like this all the time. My fiance and I met on a train home from a Boston Celtics game then ended up choosing the same psychology class...similar situation!! God has amazing plans for all of us:)

  8. Love that post.
    I did a similar post last year!


  9. I found your blog through Ashley over at Adventures of Newlyweds. I saw you were also from Texas and have an amazing blog, so I just had to follow :]

  10. It's so weird to think about things like that. How things can end up so drastically different from the most minute changes in course.

  11. I've thought about that too: my husband was "old" for his grade, and I started grade school a year early... if either of our moms had decided our futures differently, we would have never met!

  12. I can't even explain how pertinent this post is to my life right now...I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster of little what ifs at this very moment! Sweet post!

  13. haha! I love that Beau signed


    That kid kills me.

    The real question is where the hell would you be if I wouldnt have gotten RIP-ROARING DRUNK every day sophomore year and MADE you be my BESTEST FRIEND!

    Where? Eactly. Who the hells KNOWS! But I bet you wouldnt know anyone who has flashed/mooned Reliant stadium in FULL Rodeo Concert Attendance! Nope. And dont forget all those peeps in the parking lot either! Those Joes Crab Shack drinks were off the CHAINS!

    So BOOM!

  14. I used to always be a "What if" person. I was always asking and thinking that. The biggest thing I still think "what if" about is my husband's sister. She was born alive but died shortly thereafter. No one mentions her much but I find myself thinking about how different things would be if she had lived. I really wish I could have met her.

  15. It's amazing to think that God truly does have a plan for each and every one of us! So, so, so overwhelming how everything works out and leads us to where we are meant to be. It's an awesome feeling! Have a great day ! xoxo

  16. Now you really have me thinking!
    I love this and I love that you wrote that it's God's plan because it truly is.
    My plans for my life have never worked like his have :)

  17. oh wow now you even have me thinking about the what if's oh man how I wanna do one of these too because its cute to see how things could have been so much diff if only you had of done the opposite of the what if

  18. I love this post! I always think what if and question myself all the time.

  19. Great post! Something I think about a lot. It is crazy how your life ends up and where you go. Especially thinking back and thinking where you thought you would be at this point. Then ending up somewhere you never thought you'd be, but still happy with how things have turned out so far.

  20. Such a cute post! LOVE it! :-)

  21. i say this all the time. I *almost* didn't move to Houston 6 years ago to finish nursing school, what if I wouldn't have? My life would be totally different. It's really amazing how God does this and when you think about it, it makes it so much easier to just live and let Him take control :)

  22. This is so cute! :) I'm guessing he's pretty glad all that happened too!

  23. Cute post! I just found your blog & I love it!



  24. Awesome post! I think about stuff like that too!

  25. I ask myself these questions all the time. It's amazing what God does to bring two people together.

  26. I love this post...I wonder this often. I know for sure if I would not have moved back home to live with my parents to save money, I would have NEVER met my husband. Life is so funny the way things just work out, right? I also just love the fact that Beau comments on your blog posts!!!!! You guys are so meant to be!!! Fate works it magic in such wonderful ways.

  27. Hey Girl, I have read your blog for a bit now and have read about the passing of your dad. I started dating a guy (somewhat recently) and his mom passed away a year and half ago. For Valentines day I was thinking about getting him something special in memory of his mom. I dont want to overreach since its fairly new, but i know it would mean a lot to him. Any ideas or advice?

  28. Seriously...I do this all the time...thinking how much my life would be different if I went that way instead of this, or if I did that instead of this. So much could change because of one decision...ya know. But I can't complain..I love where I am now:)


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