January 5, 2012

My Newest Love & My Two Favoritist Places In Texas

 There are two places in this big ol' state of mine that just make me feel down right at home. (Ok-so do Victoria's Secret, Sephora, and Target but that's neither here nor there.)

Oh! Wait. Ooooops.   
Where was I?

Oh ya! So over my looooong 5 day weekend, we went to both of my favoritist places in the Lonestar State. (Yes. Five day weekend. No alarm clock. No worky. And half the time, no makeup.) 

Lucky you...I had my newest baby with me to capture all the deets.

A few things I've realized since getting this gem of a camera:

FACT #1: I no nothing about photography.
FACT #2: Clearly I don't know the correct usage of "no" and "know" 
which is why I left #1 the way it is.
FACT #3: Taking pictures of "things" is my newest addiction.
FACT #4: I have a LOT to learn.(Here's where I ask you to leave me little hints and tricks for someone just getting their feet wet with something other than a point & shoot.)

Without further adieu, welcome to our ranch. :)
Obviously...the WH Ranch.

 The next morning we up and packed to head off to
our all time fave...the Frio River.

The place where:

A) Beau SWEARS we had our first kiss. 
(Which is totally, completely, NOT true but I have no idea when/where our first kiss was so I really don't have a leg to stand on with this argument.)

B) Beau got on his knee and asked me to make him 
the happiest man on the planet.
(Call me cocky but I'd like to think I've done just that...so far)

C) I would retire at the drop of a hat tomorrow if I had the opportunity to do so.
(I'm 25. And in not way, shape or form in any position to retire within the next 100 years. Ain't happenin' ANY time soon.)

New Years Eve 2012

Happy (belated) new year!
I hope your long weekend was and this coming weekend is as beautiful as mine!
Happy Thursday lovers!


  1. this looks like a blast! sometimes you really need a place to take your makeup off, kick up your feet and relax! and unplug too!!! ps I like your new camera! what did you get? I have had the 60D for about 3 months now and still figuring it out!

  2. So cute! Get the understanding exposure book, it is great for beginners - practice makes perfect. I'm more than happy to answer your questions too!

  3. yeah for a new camera!! my (not a professional, but i have a fancy camera) advice -- learn to shoot in manual, study angles and lighting and practice practice practice.

    actually, the one thing that i really really need to work on and this is totally a no brainer, but have the camera with you or within reach at all times. because i have a big rig now, i find myself not lugging it around as much as i would with my point and shoot.

    good luck to you! :-)

  4. That place looks so peaceful!! I need a new camera like yesterday. HAHA :)

  5. Yay for a new camera! You are going to LOVE it! Everything looks so pretty!

  6. For someone looking for camera tricks...your pictures are SOOOO good! I just got a Canon Rebel T3..so pass any good tips along! :)

    PS - I love your engagement spot - perfect!

  7. I just love Texas to death! It is a beautiful place and I love the country out there. Your camera is pretty fancy!

  8. uh, I'm totally jealous of your new camera and I want one so bad. Pics are gorgeous and would you believe I've never been to the Frio river? I haven't.

    After I read this "FACT #1: I no nothing about photography." .... I was going to leave a comment making fun of you for it.

    But then I read this "FACT #2: Clearly I don't know the correct usage of "no" and "know"
    which is why I left #1 the way it is." and you redeemed yourself.

    I'm jealous of your ranch skank!!! And I would put money on it that you have made him the happiest man.

  9. Have fun! THe ranch looks beautiful!

  10. Ok so after this post I realized some things to
    1. I clearly dont know how to use no and know cause I didnt catch it til you told me.

    2. Im super jealous of you and wish you lived near me.

  11. Great pictures! I really want a nice camera.

  12. I got a new Canon too - which one did you get!?

  13. I got a new Canon too - which one did you get!?

  14. I'm a new follower and fellow Texas girl! I love the Frio! I've spent many a summer on that river!

    Where is your ranch? My family has a ranch in Mason, Texas. And it's by far one of my favorite places on earth! :)

  15. So jealous of the new camera! Which one did you get? We're saving up for one this year :)

  16. OMG Fact #2 made me crack up, especially cause I was thinking "Come on Steph..." !!

  17. I'm in the same boat:-) Fancy new camera, no clue how to use it! Practice makes perfect?! xoxo

  18. pretty pixs!



  19. Fact #1: You are adorable
    Fact #2: Both places look incredible, I want to visit!
    Fact #3: It makes me very happy to see BBFT's yellow pants made an appearance!

  20. That ranch is beautiful!

    I'm wondering if we could set up a little camera workshop at one of the Htown blogger meetups where we went over basics and I could help people get started with their cameras.

  21. A trip to the country is good for the soul!! There is nothing better.

  22. Love the picture of your shadows while kissing And you scarf that you wore on NYE!

  23. This place looks so peaceful, and I have to say I live in Houston and have never been to the Frio. I think I need to go now after seeing this.

  24. ohhhh nice camera - i wanty!!!

  25. Check out the pioneer woman's photography tips.
    And kevinandamanda.com has a few for beginners.
    My BFF is a photographer. Kristinaeisenhowerphotography.blogspot.com
    She has posted some tips in the past.
    I'm still a work in progress. It's soooo overwhelming!

  26. I'm like you and know nothing about photography, but I do love to go to the rivers here in Arkansas. I love to float them!

  27. So jealous of your camera!!! I got a new one for my birthday and I've been trying to figure it out. I found this site which gives a lot of information and makes it pretty easy to understand

  28. you just send all your new photo "how to"s on over to me. i got a new camera for christmas too and I dont have a clue what I am doing. i need a tutor. love the ranch photos steph. they are soooo pretty.

  29. This is adorable and I love the ranch photos! from what I could ever do..you are doing amazing! the angles are great and look professional to me...not sure what that is saying since I know nothing...but they look awesome!

    I think guys make up that they remember all our "firsts" I will only remember my first present!

  30. Great pictures! I don't know much about photography either but I still love taking pictures too!


  31. The pictures are beautiful! You have a real talent. Keep at it.

    Have a great weekend,


  32. Great photos and I love the story behind each place! So sweet!


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