April 1, 2014

13/30...Not Bad

I just realized it's been a hot...did I say HOT...minute since I've updated this. Like...I think the last time I updated myself on my 30 Before 30 list was before we had Oakley. WOW. Though I haven't physically updated it, I always know what I have left on my list so I can constantly work towards crossing something anything off!

Also, because April is my birth month (that's right...the 30th...don't forget it!), I thought it would be a good time to remind myself how far I have come to go.

Anywho...since it's been, well over a year now...here we go!

1. Pay for someone else's meal anonymously.
2. Witness a proposal. My best friend, Ashley, and my little brother, Chris!
3. Be a maid of honor.
4. Learn graphic design: Uh ya...so it's installed on my computer. Isn't that half the battle?
5. Drink wine in Napa. Maybe next year?!
6. Learn how to shoot in manual. I wouldn't say I'm a pro or anything...
7. Make double mortgage payments once/year.  Yep! Actually made 3 extra payments last year!
8. Pack only in a carry-on for a trip. Yep-I did the impossible.
9. Eat a raw diet for 3 days straight.  Done & loved it!
10. Turn my blog into a book.
11 Write a gratitude for a full year. So I started this...and then forgot about it. Whoops.
12. Join a church. We found the church, just haven't officially joined yet.
13. Swim in Lake Michigan. If wading counts as swimming, then YES!
14. Grow blog to 6,500 followers.
15. Send handwritten notes once/week.
16. Renew our vows in April 2016.
17. Have a baby. Happening in 5 short months!!
18. Go an entire week without social media.  DONE AND DONE. & IT WAS NOT EASY.
19. Host a party all on my own. Our housewarming party, which was hosted with one arm...
20. Start a new family tradition.  Yep! Beau and I started a new Christmas tradition! :)
21. Go on a vacation with just Beau.  Oh ya! Might I add it was one of my absolute favorites yet!
22. Visit my family in Tennessee. Unfortunately, it was for my grandpa's funeral, but yes, I went.
23. Send my mom on a vacation.
24. Get a puppy. Ha. I think this one is self-explanatory.
25. Be a leader in my company.
26. Buy Ford Raptor for Beau...in cash. Slight detour. We paid off my car and bought him a Chevy.
27. Wake up at 5am every week day. Does 5:20 am count??
28. Work out 3 times per week before work. Was I drunk when I wrote this one?
29. Rebuild savings account to at least $25,000. Slowly but surely...
30. Pay it forward in a really big way. One day.

13 out of 30...almost halfway there and I still have 2 years to go! I'm okay with this.


  1. Such a great list! We are planning on going to Napa this October and I cannot wait. It has been so much fun planning that trip.

    It is also a goal to make my blog into a book. So many great memories to print!

  2. I love this!! Looks like you are doing great with your goals. As far as the get up at 5am thing, I think you had too much wine in you when writing. Who does such a thing? & I would say a chevy is much better than a Ford - awesome job on paying 3 extra mortgage payments (I am hoping we can do this soon) + I would love to have my savings $25000. One day right? A girl can dream. & I think I need to add vacation with just hubby & me sounds wonderful, was this your trip to the Bahamas? What resort did you stay at?

    Love your blog!!!

  3. You could totally turn your pregnancy portion of your blog into a book! It'd be a great way to commerate this time in your life!

  4. Girl you are doing great! And arent you only 27? or 28? so you've got a couple years to check the rest off your list! ;)

  5. this is great!! and i want to witness a proposal! so fun!

  6. You've inspired me to make a 40 before 40 list since I've already turned 30 :)

  7. I really should do a goal list for myself. I asked my husband the other day what his goals for the rest of the year were and he said "to get you knocked up by December!" Ummm...I just had a baby 3 months ago...NOT gonna happen!

  8. Great list and definitely Great progress!!!


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