June 17, 2010

Funniest thing I've witnessed in a while...

Let me give you a little background before I begin this story...

My mom is a little hard of hearing. She was born with nerve damage and therefore she has difficulty hearing out of her left ear (yes, I got away with a LOT when I was younger because of this...) but anyway, since this whole "texting" craze...she has come to the realization that it is much easier for her to text than to talk on the phone because she doesn't have to say "huh?" or "what?" every 5 seconds because it's right there in black and white...

Ok. Back to the story.

Tonight mom and I went to run a few errands. Our last stop was at Kroger because she needed coffee creamer. (God forbid she ever run out of her French Vanilla...) Anyways, I dropped her off at the entrance and waited in my car. I never moved. I try to keep an eye out for her because she can be a little dingy at times...which brings me to exhibit A:

The next thing I know, I look up and my mom is walking out of Kroger, looking down texting, and walks right up to the car. She proceeds to open the car door and put her stuff in the back seat until she looks up and realizes there's a kid in a car seat in the back!

::Mind you, I am watching the ENTIRE thing::

Yes, unknowingly, she walked up to a WHITE BMW (I have a SILVER LEXUS), opened the door, put stuff in the backseat and THEN realized she was in the wrong vehicle! She exchanged a few words with the nice lady in the BMW and then looked back and realized that I had never moved and that I had just witnessed the entire thing. She was dying laughing all the way to the car. We both had tears in our eyes before we ever put the car in drive.

Me: "What were you thinking?!"

Mom (I quote): "That lady looked at me like I was trying to steal her kid!"

Me: "Well I would have too!"

Mom: "Well, why didn't you honk?"

Me: "HELLO, MOTHER!? Did you forget that you can't hear?!"

It's been a while since we laughed that hard. I die laughing every time I replay the scene in my head. So don't blame me for the stupid things I do...it's genetic!


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  2. Hey! Just found your blog through Kristin at 'all in my twenties'. That's an amazing story! It made me laugh out loud, I can definitely see my mom doing something like that :) Excited to follow you!

  3. I can see your mother doing this!! I am laughing my ass off! love you and that crazy mother of yours!!

  4. So funny! Sounds like something my mom would do!

  5. Ha ha ha ha youshut up, this is hysterical! My dad did the SAME thing about 6 years ago at a gas station. My whole family witnessed the event. It was SO funny. You just made me laugh out loud. hahaha thanks for sharing!


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