June 3, 2010

School's Out For Summer

So my co-worker announced this morning that today is the last day of school for her boys, which brought back so. many. memories! Great memories!

I remember the last day of school like it was yesterday...

-You typically went to bed way too late the night before because you knew you won't have to do any school work the next day, plus it's only half-day so you could always go home and take a nap
-You cleaned out your locker and threw out all traces of anything school-related, including your planner (which is now attached to my hip all year round)
-You rode to school with your best friends because you had big plans for later that afternoon, like pool parties or staying home alone with your friends/boyfriend because your parents were at work
-You gave your teachers hell because you were ready to get out of there and you knew they were too
-Later that day, your biggest dilemma was finding something to wear to the biggest party of the school year, which was later that night
-You had no worries for the next 2 months

That was it. No worries! That was the best part of summer! As a kid, you never realize how wonderful it is to have absolutely nothing to worry about...until you have to "transition" into the adult world. Really, the only thing you had to worry about was what new rules your parents were going to strap on you or whose house you were going to spend the night at every night since they didn't have a curfew and you did.

As an "adult" (or a "should be adult")...summer break has a whole new meaning...

-More drunk 18 year olds on the road at night...and not just on the weekends
-More traffic in the stores and malls during the day. (I get off at noon on Fridays and the mall is usually my first stop!)
-More stressed out mothers because their kids stay out til the wee hours of the night (thank God I'm not a mom!)

Summer break is such a good change of pace. If I were Obama and I wanted the world to even begin to like me again, I would demand a summer break for everyone...not just students and teachers. Just sayin...

Ok so I've blabbed about how great high school summers are and the fact that you have ZERO. ZILCH. NADA to worry about but in all honesty, I LOVE my life and I LOVE being "grown"...or at least "trying/pretending to be grown". Sure I have things to worry about but that's just life. If I didn't have to worry about when my next car note was due, or running out of groceries, or driving across town in traffic to make my future husband homemade chicken soup when he's sick, life would be pretty darn boring! I don't have a curfew nor do I have to answer to anyone and that's a pretty awesome feeling. It's amazing how your entire perspective on life changes when you hit 24. I like my life. A LOT. And I really like my life a lot more now that I know I will be sharing it with Mr. Beau for the rest of our lives!

So, cheers to never having another summer break but remembering all the great things about them and cheers to growing up!



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