June 30, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

I know, I know. I vowed to stick with the "Wishful Wednesday" but as a blushing bride, I feel obligated to participate in "Wedding Wednesday"! (and I'm kinda excited about that...)

So, you ask, what's it like to plan a wedding? Things no one tells you...

*You make it as stressful as you want: it's not bad at all. (I say that now... I will probably be kicking myself in the butt a few months from now.) It's basically a big puzzle. You have to figure out what you need to do to get to the next step.

  • Example: You can't meet with your florist until you have your bridesmaid's dresses. You can't pick your venue until you have a guest list. etc... (I've figured this out by now...)

*YOU make all the executive decisions: no one tells you exactly what to do. The ultimate answer from everyone is "It's your wedding. Whatever you like." OK...B.S. Yes, it's my wedding but dang it I need someone to tell me what to do sometimes!

*Everything you do is for the wedding: from taking hair growth vitamins, to timing your highlights perfectly for engagement, bridal and wedding pictures, to shopping for only wedding related items (centerpiece rocks, cake table tablecloth, honeymoon clothes/towels, bridesmaid's gifts, you name it.) Everything is for the wedding...no. joke.

*Honestly, the guy really could care less about everything...except the bachelor party, the reception and the honeymoon (and the fact that he's marrying the girl of his dreams...or so I'd like to think!). I've tried to get Beau involved and (like any typical guy) he simply agrees with anything I say...which is why I have delegated the honeymoon planning to him...one less thing I have to worry about. (Or maybe I should worry about it?!

*Every weekend from here until "I do" is designated to wedding planning...in one way or another.

*No matter what, you always know the exact number of days 'til your wedding: no-it's not an OCD thing...chances are:

Exhibit A...(a real email on my phone from projectwedding.com) B) it's on the top of your wedding website


C) someone will buy you a wedding countdown clock...like this...to remind you how many days you don't have before the big day! (Thanks Brookie!...I really do love it!)

Registering is BY FAR the best part of planning a wedding. It's like making a GIANT wish list for anything and everything you could possibly want at anywhere and everywhere you want!

**Disclaimer: Registering for tools sucks, ladies. But registering for wine glasses and sheets isn't your fiance's idea of fun either so keep that in mind!

Yesterday I picked out our table linens. I had no idea there were so many dang options but I got them all picked out and one more thing checked off the to-do list.

My next big step in this process is fLoWeRs-which I pick out tonight!! And then invitations!! I have a few things in mind so it should be pretty stress-free!

Altogether, it really is fun and exciting! There are so many options for each part of the process and it all boils down to what you and your fiance ultimately want! Luckily, there are magazines and websites out the wazoo that tell you what to do when...it's just actually getting it done that's the hard part.

Taking engagement pictures & kissing your lovebug every 5 seconds isn't all that bad either! ;)

Anyways, sorry if I bored any of you totally not interested in weddings but it's pretty much consumed my life these days so I had to write about it!



  1. I LOVE weddings! Great advice! I'm sure there can be stressful times, but I don't get the people who just wig themselves out...it's supposed to be about the marriage, right?! Have fun picking out your flowers! :o)

  2. you total pulled the 267 days 21 hours 34 minutes and 42 seconds til I marry BEAU card!!! LOL!!! Love it! Now you have to tweet it to make it offcial!


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