June 10, 2010

So I'm crazy...

Yes. Officially crazy!

Last night I bought 8 hot pink, short, strapless, really cute, different sized, potential bridesmaids dresses from Saks. By myself. I bought one in every size in hopes they would fit my girls...and that they would like them.

That's right. No bridesmaids were with me. I saw them and couldn't pass the store without trying one on. So I did. AND I LOVED IT!

As the saying goes: "If the shoe fits, buy it in every color!"

Well, all I have to say is: "If the dress fits, buy it in every size!"

I only have 7 bridesmaids but I bought 8 dresses. I'm a pretty good estimator at people's sizes but one of my girls is expecting a little one in September so I bought an extra one "just in case"!

Now it's time to see if they like it...

Both Julie and Brooke have tried them on and so far I'm 2 for 2! Ashley will be the "tell all" since she's been "blessed" (as I call it) up top...if you know what I mean! And homegirl Kristen is like a size 2 everywhere except her butt...geez girls..get it together! Can't we just all be the same size?!

Anyways...this weekend I will make my journey out to see my girls and get their approval on the dress. I never imagined picking out bridesmaids dresses. I was going to leave it up to them but I got a HECK of a deal for the perfect dress!

Squishing boobs, butts and babies into dresses,



  1. you are crazy!! Im sure we will all love the dresses!

  2. Picture request of the dresses! Either bring it to work or put one on the blog! Please. :)

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