February 23, 2011

Bachelorette documentary: Day 2

Day two consisted of hot tubbin' it in gloomy weather! (OK who am I kidding...every day consisted of hot tubbin' in gloomy weather!) The weather was bad but we were gooooood....soooo gooooooodd.....

Seriously-how many people can you fit in one hot tub?
Bachelorette night
Sexy little girls & sexy little gifts
So fortunate my mother-in-law does screen priting for a living!
Pic on the right is the beginning stages of Julie's (Beau's sister) bruise from falling off the bed which may or may not have resulted in her being helped up from a completely nude somewhat exposed Kristen...


  1. girlfriend you look so skinny! you've definitely inspire me. i wanted to start your yeast free diet (and did for two days). i made the sausage balls w/ the bean flour. delicious! and then i had the realization that spring break is in a 17 days and i'm going to be boozing the entire time. so i'll save my yeast free madness for when i get back!

  2. Seems like u guys enjoyed a lot in the overcrowded tub;) Love the pics!


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