February 17, 2011

Just in case you wanted to know what I had on my mind.

1. I'm the slightest bit pissed off at the fact that I bought "Duty Free" perfume on the cruise only to find out that it was $10 CHEAPER at home. Duty free my ass. ugh.2. On that note...I must admit that I am smitten over my new perfume...Calvin Klein Euphoria. I know. It's been out forever by now but I just got hooked on it recently and can't stop sniffing my wrists. It's awkward but I'm ok with it. (You just wish you could sniff it through this screen.)
3. I find it humorous that while writing thank you notes from our last shower, I find myself throwing in hints to our friends about them getting hitched soon with a sly "no pressure" following shortly thereafter. Their boyfriends are just going to love me. ;) [[Hey, that's what friends are for...right?!]]

4. While currently watching "Parent Trap" I can't help but wonder WTF (besides drugs) happened to Lindsay Lohan? She was so presh in this movie!
5. Crock pot dinners are becoming my new best friend. Well, I can't really say "dinners" plural considering I only have one crock pot recipe but damn it's nice to come home to already cooked food! Although I must say, I'm going to need to find a little variety or fiance just might revoke my crock potting skills.
The one & only.
((p.s.-throw in a little venison sausage and oh my-lanta...heaven))
6. I'm beginning to think that eating Chipotle twice this week and now scarfing down Oreo's just might have been a bad idea...final dress fitting on Saturday. Dun dun duuunnnnn....

Who can resist this place?!
7. I just ordered a book from Shutterfly consisting of ALLLLLL my bachelorette party pics & I am SOOOOO anxious to receive it!! 5-7 business days?? Really??!!!

A lil sneaky peek at the cover <38. Last and DEFINITELY not least...I looooove that a little birdy called to tell me her and her boy are going to look at rings on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm such a sucker for love stories!! ((I so secretly wish I could go with them. Oh how that was SO much fun!)) My recommendations for her: Zadok and/or Nazar's. If you're a Houston soon-to-be bride, I cannot say enough about either of these places! (I got mine from Zadok but Nazar's had a HUGE selection-prepare to be there for hours!)

Ok really-I promise I will post about the cruise. (I left my hard drive with all the pics on it at my office. I'm really not trying to delay this!)

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  1. I loved this post, despite the fact that it was randomly all over the place. I am in love with the Euphoria! I really don't know what happened to Lindsay Lohan, she had to much talent and I thought she was so pretty back in her mean girls day! And it was actually this time last year that me and my man when ring shopping, it was such a special time I will never forget it!



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