February 27, 2011

You didn't think I forgot did you?!

Bachelorette documentary: day 3!
((I know this has come and gone like two weeks ago but for my journaling sake, I must finish out the posting! Sorry for being scatter brained...))

Breakfast-You already know we didn't miss a meal

Due to crappy weather, what was supposed to be drunkin' day of fun in the sun turned into a canceled shore excursion resulting in an all day affair in Senor Frogs. My-Lanta. My liver can only handle days like this once a year.

Not our boat but you get a good idea of the weather. Gross.
Awesome/gross hat.

Of course I got picked to play "Who can empty their bottle the fastest..."
As expected...I wooped the competitions boo-tay!

I was on a mish!

Thank you, kind man, for letting me empty half of my bottle down your throat!

Someone had a grand idea for me to get Beau's name in henna on my butt. Classy.
Can we say "Spring Break 1998"??

Eventful cab ride back to the boat.

...aaaand back to the hot tub!

Excuse me sir-how old are you??
Turns out that henna crap takes like 30 minutes to dry so I spent half an hour with my romper at my knees.

Dinner that night most definitely consisted of two ice cream cones and by 7 pm it was lights out!

Gross. I always hate pics of me sleeping...
Waking up the next morning in the same swim suit, one could definitely assume our day in Cozumel was a success! :)


  1. Senor Frogs is so much fun! We went in the Bahamas last year, and we got my dad trashed for the first time.. haha thank goodness he's a happy drunk lol.



  2. sounds like you gals didnt let the weather bring you down!! :) looks like a blast!! love the tat hahah im sure your man did too!


  3. That is one awesome party...i wish i was there!! And your hat was hilarious!

  4. HAHA - I seriously love this. I love henna tattoos too! I always used to come home from spring break with 1 just to freak out my Mom. LOL


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