February 25, 2011

Pity Invites

You know those people you "just have to invite" to your wedding? Whether you've planned a wedding, are currently planning your wedding or not...trust me. I'm here to tell ya...This. Will. Happen.

It's inevitable.

You know...you're mom's second cousin's kids just absolutely cannot miss your wedding for anything...even though you've never met them a day in your life. I mean, life just wouldn't be the same without them there. Or even if you know they won't come, you just have to stick that invitation in the mail even though you know they won't even take the time of day to RSVP.

Well, not to be ugly but there are several people on our guest list who will be receiving pity invites. The people we just have to send an invitation to but we know they really aren't going to come. Hey, there's always the possibility of them sending a really cool gift, right?!

Our list of pity invitees:

President & Mrs. Barack Obama
The Pope
Mickey & Minnie Mouse
Taylor Swift
Kellie Pickler & Kyle Jacobs
Lee & Tiffany Lakowsky

We just felt compelled to send invitations to some of our favorite celebs. We just had to!

Sure, we would never expect these people to actually come to our wedding but there's always hope right?! I mean, an autographed pic from Mickey & Minnie would be awesome or a sweet little love note from Taylor would be pretty legit too. Even if it really is their PR people taking care of it all... Just sayin'...

Anyhoo...we've enticed them all with a pre-stamped RSVP card. All they have to do is jot down a few nice words, sign their name and stick it in the mail. How easy, right?!

I mean, Kellie and I are already friends. She follows me on Twitter people...no big deal. ;)
Welp, I'll keep y'all posted if we get anything in return! Fingers crossed! Have a guh-reat weekend!


  1. I wish i would have thought of that, i'm sure hubby's would have loved to invite lee and tiffany!

  2. this is amazing! I hope you hear back from some people that would be amazing! keep us posted puhleassee!!

    xoxoxo have a fab weekend girl

  3. LOL you just had me laughing out loud!!! You. are. awesome :) and please let me know what Obama's RSVP is.

  4. That's too funny. And yes all those random invites parents always throw in are redic.

  5. I saw on another girls blog when he invited the president (obama)to her wedding he sent her a hand written letter back :) keep us posted on if you get something back :)

    Thank you for signing my wedding website guestbook :)



  6. Wow, what a fantastic idea :) I love it! You are too creative. I bet you may get something fun from one of em for sure. I LOVE Mickey Mousse but not a huge minnie fan, lol! Have a Fantastic weekend!

  7. When I graduated high school we sent an invitation to the president.. he sent us back a letter so, you never know! :)

    Love reading your blog - So I gave you a blog award! Head over to check it out! :)


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