February 1, 2011

Twenty Eight

Can you believe it's already February? I mean, I still feel weird writing "2011" and we're already a month in! Anyone else still find themselves wanting to not write that extra "1" at the end of the date or am I just slow?

Don't answer that.

Well, whether we like it or not, February is here to stay for 28 long days and I'm thoroughly excited about it for many, many reasons!

Feb. 4. CHANCE OF SNOWWWW!! This is HUGE people! When there's even the smallest idea of snow, the city shuts down. Chance of snow = good chance we just might get the day off!

Feb 5. Couple's shower #2. Should be a blast. Well...in my mind anyways! It's a couple's shower for all of our college friends and we're not the shyest bunch when we're all together...hope our hostesses are prepared...

Feb. 5 (again). First dress fitting AND mom has her dress fitting as well! Here's to hoping I/we still fit in them!

Feb. 6. SuPeRbOwL! Not that I'm a football nut or anything but I must say I love the food and the company...and of course...COMMERCIALS!
Feb. 8. Invitation stuffing/assembling party! Ok-maybe I'm the only one excited about this but it's because I desperately need the help to get all the invitations sent out...sorry bridesmaids but I'm puttin' ya to work!

Feb. 10.
Bachelorette cruise departs!! 5 schweet days on a boat, in the Caribbean, with 22 fabulous women!! Does it get any better than that??
Feb. 13. One year of being engaged to my handsome Beau! (Not to mention, I'll still be on the cruise!)
Feb. 14. Favorite all-time holiday! Maybe it's because everything is red and pink and girly and hearts and mushy but I'm a marketer's dream so I eat up every bit of it! LOVE Valentine's day! Always have...always will!

Feb. 16. TWO MONTHS TIL "I DO"!!! This has gone by wayyyyy too fast! But I CAN'T WAIT!

Feb. 19. FINAL dress fitting. Wow. AND hair consultation! Fingers crossed. I'm most nervous about my hair...Here's to hoping it looks something like this...

...or even better......like this!
I would kill for her hair.
(and her legs. and her skin. and her life.)
Feb. 24. RODEO COOKOFF!! If you're not from Texas, you're seriously missing out! Boots, booze & bar-b-q. Can I get an amen?
Feb. 26. Reception food tasting. I promise to not miss this one...

Phew. And before we know it...it will be March, my friends!


  1. All great things to look forward to in this great month! Love Carrie! and I cant wait to go on my cruise too! I actually love the Superbowl! .. Odd I know! .. Have a great night! :)

  2. What a busy but fun filled schedule. I've got a feeling your Feb is just going to fly by. I can't wait for updates and pics of all your upcoming events!

  3. your cruise will be soo much fun! Can't wait to see the pcitures and I love that hairstyle that you have chosen!

  4. Woo! You must be so full of excitement, I can't wait to follow along :)

  5. Wow! What a fabulous month you have ahead!! A bachelorette cruise??? I totally want to copy this idea!! I am looking forward to seeing photos and posts from all of your pre-wedding fun :)

  6. ok i have read some of your post about yeast free. whats the diff in yeast free and low carb?? i'm very curious about this.. THANKS :)

  7. Just came across your blog and I LOVE it!! I love the hair styles you are choosing for your wedding day! so fabulous that I'm sure it'll look great! i'm def going to follow your blog!

  8. Looks like a fun couple of months! :) Your hair will look ADORABLE like that!!

  9. Aw fun! SO many fun things! I'm also having my girls over for an invitation stuffing party this weekend! haha I hope to get a lot done with their help, and hopefully invites can be sent next week for our April wedding.

    Love the hair inspiration..mine is similar but more loose curls. Also, Valentine's is also my fav.! Love it! :) Enjoy!


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