June 30, 2011

If men planned weddings...

Screw the dress...
Skip the florist...
Bypass the videographer...
Save yourself $25k...

For all you non-bride brides out there...I've found your solution.

AutoWed is precisely what it appears to be: a vending machine that performs instant marriages, infusing the Big Day with all the romance of a fire hydrant. Insert money, and it’ll mumble through your basic wedding rites (press one for “I do” or press two to “escape”). Then the 8-foot-tall gadget, which designers UK-based Concept Shed describe as “part parking meter, part Cadillac and part cathedral with a little steam punk thrown in,” spits out a pair of plastic eggs with rings inside and a personalized wedding receipt. It finishes up by offering a 10% discount on AutoDivorce.

AutoWed Wedding Vending Machine by Concept Shed from Conceptshed on Vimeo.

"Press 2 for escape." Love it!

Pretty cold if you ask me but I'm sure the men will be swooning!

What will they come up with next??!


  1. HAHAHAH omg. i love this!

    this is definately a guys' idea of a wedding. cheap and easy!

  2. hahahaa even simpler than a Vegas wedding.. who knew that was even possible?!

  3. How romantic! lol the robot voice just takes the cake on this! hahahaha!

  4. hahaha! WOW! How hilarious is this!

  5. HAHAHA OMG! This is insane..I can see it fitting soo many mens fancy. how funny that you found this! you crack me up.

  6. That is so weird & funny! I haven't seen or head of this yet! hahaha

  7. Oh my gosh, is this really for real?? My husband would have been SO for this!! Haha!!


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