October 23, 2013

Bahamas: Take Me Back {Part 2}

Don't mind me. I'm just over here posting a gazillion photos of our trip to Atlantis last week. Sorry I'm not sorry for the overkill. If you missed part 1, you might want to read here first. Or just scroll down and let the stunning blue oceans of the Bahamas amaze the pants right off of you. Whatever floats your boat. (Pun intended.)

Day 4 started out at Junkanoo Beach. It sits right next to downtown Nassau so while there were quite a few people there, it wasn't overly saturated with tourists. Plus-we somehow managed to snag free wifi, watch a few cruise ships roll in and take full advantage of cheap beer. #winning

Lunch was at the one and only Senor Frogs and for the first time in my life, I wasn't the most intoxicated person on the dance floor. Actually, I never even got on the dance floor. (There's a first for everything, people.

One may wonder why my dress is sopping wet whilst sitting inside a restaurant? 
Legit question, my friend. 

And here's your answer...
Hey-if you're gonna seat me at table that overlooks crystal - did I mention crystal? - clear water, don't think for a second I won't be the first to jump in.

Cheers to forgiving general managers. ;) 

By the end of day 4, we were pretty much regulars at the marina. This was also the day I realized I was tanner than Snookie and J-Wow combined.

After dinner we headed to the Atlantis comedy club where we witnessed quite possibly one of the most hysterical comedy shows either one of us had ever been to. 
Money well spent, Joker's Wild. Well...spent...

Day 5: Ahhh...definitely a favorite of mine because we ventured back over to the city of Nassau and hit up multiple beaches. My kinda day, without a doubt! And this guy, well he just makes any beach look that much better! ;)
Goodman's Bay 

And then...just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Cable Beach happened.

Later that evening we made a necessary pit stop for photo ops and obligatory drinks at the Ocean Club once again. We actually ate dinner back on resort property at a restaurant called "Bimini Road". Right on the marina (#yachtstalkers), decently priced and the best...I mean the best...baked macaroni and cheese you ever did see. (Now do you see why I literally gained 10 pounds on this trip?)

Seriously though. May I reiterate the fact that the sunsets and the views at the Ocean Club are one of a kind. If you're a sunset chaser (like myself), don't doubt me for a second here.

And then on day 6, we stumbled upon the Cove Beach and oh-my-lanta...let's just say it definitely gave Cable Beach a run for it's money! We spent our last two days in this glorious water, enjoying frozen adult beverages and even got to "attend" two beach weddings! A perfect day, if you ask me?

Later in the day, the below scenario may or may not have occurred:

Me: "Sir. Is it okay for me to jump in off these rocks?"
Sir: "No! It's dangerous! No lifeguard!"
Me: {Shrugs shoulders} "Ok! Perfect!"

#1 qualification on my resume: "follows directions"
#2 qualification on my resume: "listens well"    

Thank you, sir, for your kind advice...

Finally...and so so sadly...our last night was spent at (are you ready for this?) the marina (Shocker. I know.) and dinner was at Carmine's on Atlantis property. Oh, Carmine's how I loathe you and your "family style" dinner portions that are large enough and cheesy enough to feed a pack of wild indians. We later "kindly donated" the rest of our cash to the Atlantis casino to never be seen again. Atlantis casino - 5. Beau & Stephanie - 0.

Seriously, Bahamas...stop it with all your beautifulness!! Again-not a single photo has been edited. 

NOW do you understand why I once said "this was, by far, one of my absolute favorite vacations to date"?! I mean, really...no explanation needed.


Just a tiny sidenote: Beau and I hadn't been on a vacation with just the two of us since our honeymoon so if you're in the same shoes as we were, I advise you to go on one. Just do it. It's like a weeklong date with your best friend (think "2nd honeymoon"), with beautiful scenery and delicious food on the side. ;) Travel...it's good for the heart and the soul, I tell ya!

Cheers to a wonderful vacation spent with a wonderful man!

And cheers to the longest recap(s) in blogging history! ;)


  1. Loving that long half navy half floral dress! And I am insanely jealous of all of this. You're lucky I'll be on a cruise in three months time.

  2. you are SO tan! Super jealous of this trip, and I would have totally jumped in that water from Senor Frogs too!

  3. Bimini Road and Carmine's are two of my favorite Atlantis spots!! So glad y'all had a great vacation/2nd honeymoon! And now I'm blaming you for my wanderlust, so fair warning, I'll be sending you my credit card bill if I up and book a vacation on a whim while at work today ;)

  4. Count down is on to my honeymoon in St. Lucia! I can't wait to soak up some sun and relax with my soon to be hubs. Looks like y'all had a blast.

  5. steph...YOU ARE BLACK. I need to be like this one day it's my future goal. "Sun Gods, make me as dark as steph please?"

    i cant get over the beauty of this place. Though I am disappointed you did not shake what yo mama gave you on the senor frogs dance floor, you made up for it by being a rebel and jumping over the deck into the water LOL i am laughing out loud thinking of you doing that! so funny! When in Rome!! or actually, When in Bahamas!!

    i am totally with you on vacations with your love. I always wonder if couples go on more vacations after their honeymoon---since the H-moon is the big shebang, i often wonder if people just....stop. lol kurt and i LOVE going on vacations so im hoping it never stops! And you're right...it's one big long date! I cant wait to one day get to the bahamas. I've been to Bermuda which the water looks very similar but I'm pretty sure it doesn't compare to teh beauty of where you are!

    amaze pics! im also waiting for what you said was something extra special during this trip??? is that still coming?? can i know??? :D hahah love you!


  6. Ok you have officially made me jealous! It's been two years since the hubs and I have seen crystal blue water and it's about time we see it again. This looks fabulous! Glad you had a great time :)

  7. We lay out on Junkanoo Beach every time but you're making me want to venture around to the different beaches even more! Love Beau's koozie!!

  8. Yesterday I was looking up info on the Atlantis site and today I log on here to read your post and as I am reading an Atlantis commercial comes on tv, it is meant to be!!! We have to go ASAP. Love Love Love reading your posts about this trip!

  9. SO gorgeous and amazing... you guys definitely found some amazing beaches!

    Also? I did a shot of Patron one night on top of the bar at that Senor Frogs... ahh, memories!;)

    Also, also? I was just looking at these pics and my (male) co-worker came in my office... "woah, who's she? she's hot!" was what came out of his mouth! :)

  10. It looks absolutely beautiful!! All of it does!! I love your dress for the last night of dinner! Super cute!!

  11. Gorgeous photos, we're going to be there in a few weeks and I can't wait!

    AWESOME advice regarding travel, people need to make it more of a priority plus it's good for the soul to be away with just your spouse sometimes and not always a group trip :)

  12. Where did you get that dress in your last picture? Gorgeous. Looks like an amazing time! I've had a little too much fun at the Senor Frogs in Nassau before. Ugh the conga line where you have to go under the shots waterfall to keep going. Bad news.

  13. We went there on one of our cruise stops and spent the day at Junkanoo beach and hit up Senor Frogs and then traveled over to Atlantis - beautiful place!

  14. Well it looks like my day will be spend looking up prices for flights... Now to find a friend or boy to take! ha! Those BOATs aka mansions on water are HUGE!

  15. STOP being so dang beautiful!!!!! And that place just makes me want to leave work right now and hop on a flight lol

  16. Girl!! I cannot believe you jumped in that water by Senior Frogs! When we went there last year (about this time actually) there was somuch trash and nastiness floating over there that I asked to sit somewhere else because I was so grossed out. They must have cleaned it all up for you! Glad you enjoyed your trip!! Bahamas is my favorite place :)

  17. The Bahamas were hands down one of my favorite places hubby and I ever visited, the water there is beyond gorgeous. Looks like a fabulous trip!!

  18. Hey Steph! Loved reading your recaps and now I am literally counting down the days until I can park my butt on a beach for an entire week. :) Two quick questions... Did y'all rent a car to get around? And did you find the restaurants there to be really pricey?

    Thanks girl!! So glad that you & Beau had such a great time!

    xo ~

  19. Stunning stunning photos!! You look gorgeous!
    We managed a trip to the Bahamas once and wow, it was pure bliss. This made me miss it....take me back!

  20. A) love that maxi dress!! Where did you get that? B) the comedy club at the Atlantis is so much fun! One of my favorite nights!

  21. i love that you bring your own beer condoms on vacation... we do too! :) & Bahamas look amazing.. crazy enough, I am planning a trip there next October but on a cruise but I might have to put Atlantis on my bucket list! BEAUTIFUL

  22. Take me there! I love all things about Atlantis.. I so wanna be soaking up the sun.. I am without a doubt a water baby & would spend every single second I could at the beach.. Love the photos of you & Beau :)

  23. I'm loving your tan and those pink shorts! I need a paradise vacay asap! These pics are gorgeous. How on earth do you get your photos to come out so bright? I have a dslr but a lot of mine come out dark. What settings do you use!?

  24. This is just enough to finally get me to go to the Bahamas! I have heard mixed reviews about it and so Alex and I have been skeptical. But those pictures and that water, OMG!


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