April 9, 2014

Hump Day || Bump Day - 18 Weeks

Dress via Pink Blush Maternity | Cropped Cardigan via Old Navy 

How far along: 18 weeks

Baby size: Sweet potato! (About 5 1/2 inches long!)

Baby's progress: Baby has started to become more "human-like" (according to my book) and can now yawn, swallow, suck and hiccup! She's also developed her very own set of fingerprints! It's amazing how something SO tiny can already resemble so much of a full grown newborn baby!

Weight gain: Not sure and won't know until our appointment later this month.

Stretch marks: Negative. Slathering on the Bio Oil every single morning! I swear that stuff ruins clothes if you don't let it dry long enough... #rookiemistake

Sleep: I slept really poorly over the weekend due to the pure excitement of having Katie in town and finally having our gender reveal party! Hoping to get back to my normal sleep schedule this week. Momma needs some rest after this crazy weekend!

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!! Little Miss Paisley!! :) And we couldn't be more excited!!

Movement: Yep! A little punch/kick here or there...just enough to let me know she's still in there! ;) This is probably one of the neatest things ever! It happens so quickly and not all that often so what I actually feel her in there, I literally smile from ear to ear! I can't wait until Beau is able to feel the movement, too!

Best moment this week: Definitely finding out that we are having us a baby girl!! I just can't get over it and am so dang excited!!

Looking forward to: Deciding on a nursery theme so we can start registering. I'm just so torn..do I stick with a classic Restoration Hardware look with soft linen colors and baby pink? Or do I go all out with the pinks and turquoise and ruffles and vintage floral look?! ALSO-our babymoon/anniversary/birthday trip this time next month!!!

Food cravings: Lemon water and pickle juice (Seriously...who am I?) Oh and just pure WATER! I have been SO thirsty lately and all I seem to want is ice cold water!

Weirdest food I ate this week: Nothing out of the norm...just pickle juice straight from the jar.

Anything making you queasy or sick: No sickness, but the thought of grilled chicken makes me want to gag and the smell/look/thought of beef jerky makes me want to punch my husband in the face. Ok so that's a little irrational and I would never mess up that pretty face of his, but foreal...don't even think about thinking about bringing beef jerky around me. Food adversions...they're a very real thing...

Labor Signs: Uh no.

What I miss: My motivation! I want to workout consistently SO badly but it just hasn't happened this week. Hey...there's always tomorrow, right?! Also-being able to easily get dressed without my closet looking like a tornado hit. Thank goodness more maternity clothes are on their way to me as I type this!

Symptoms: Intermittent headaches (just one this week...thank goodness!), frequent urination (#obnoxious), and growing ta-tas...one part of this journey I can honestly say I am not enjoying. I was perfectly fine with my B cups! Others to be noted: dizziness when I stand (only sometimes) and extreme hunger. I feel like a bottomless pit on some days.

Workouts: This week I was a major slacker but I blame it on running 90 mph because we had so much going on!

Things that suck: 
  • BEING THE ONLY SOBER PERSON IN THE ENTIRE BAR! I can't. I just can't do it. I can't get on anyone else's level and I just feel annoyed as hell by the middle of the night. 
  • Also-growing boobs. I'm over it!

Things that don't suck: 
  • Growing boobs (for Beau's sake, anyways...sorry...just keepin' it real)
  • Wearing maternity dresses (aka: the softest material you ever did feel) 
  • Finally hitting the maternity clothes jackpot at The Gap! More on that later but just take my word for it for now!
  • Clear(er) skin! FINALLY! I've battled acne my entire life but it feels so good to finally just be able to post any picture on here and not have to edit the crap outta my face just to make it look semi-clear!
  • The baby girl sale section at Target. Did someone say baby skinnies? Yes. Please. And thank you!


  1. Not that you're necessarily asking our vote on the room decor/theme, but the bright pink/turquoise vintage floral sounds so amazing! And I would love to see pictures of that someday as it progresses:)

  2. Decorating the nursery is so fun! Can't wait to see what you decided. I promise, once you make the decision you won't look back!

    OMG, I remember never getting enough water (especially mid-pregnancy!). And meat, ugh, that was my absolute aversion in the beginning. It gets so much better, at least it did with me.

  3. It's crazy how alike our pregnancies are. 1. I wore that same Pink Blush Maternity dress yesterday, it's SO comfy! That fabric is made of happiness 2. The smell of grilled chicken, steak or pork is the bane of my existence right now. 3. Water..I'm on my 3rd tervis of the day already, I can't get enough! 4. Stupid boobs, I started as a D cup...I can't even handle the size of them anymore.

  4. I think either room decor that you pick will be amazing but, the pink & turquoise sounds so "you"! Love that royal blue on you!!

  5. You're so presh Steph. Love your heart and that belly :)

  6. Oh hey cute mama. I haven't thought of ANYTHING when it comes to the nursery!!!

  7. You look amazing! I am so so so so so so so so so excited that you are having a girl! I'm sure being a boy mom is great but having a daughter is the best ever!

  8. You look so cute! a) the preggers acne is the worst! and b) I do not understand those pregnant chicks who like to hang while everyone else is drinking. No. I do not want to go to the bar, get totally envious while you sip your drink, and drive you home. How is that fun for me?!

  9. I definitely feel your pain on being the only sober person in the bar. Really sucks the life out of the party! Gap Maternity has the best t-shirts, hands down!

  10. You look beautiful in your picture! Such a cute mama-to-be!

  11. OK. How is it possible that you're almost halfway already??? You look so great!! :) That Paisley is going to have such an awesome mommy!!

  12. You look awesome and you're totally glowing! I'm so happy it's a girl! I can tell you from experience that it is going to be so much fun (and SO very expensive too haha).

  13. I couldn't do chicken my first trimester and even a little into my second trimester. And lol to growing boobs ;)


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