April 15, 2014

Working Out For Two [Legs & Butt]

So I am no personal trainer. Nor do I have any fancy degree in exercise science. I'm just a girl who enjoys staying physically fit and leading a healthy lifestyle so when I became pregnant, I instantly started thinking about what I was going to do in order to make sure I led the healthiest pregnancy possible.

"Possible" being the key word here.

Something really important to note is that if you are pregnant, or are considering getting pregnant, when it comes to exercising you typically can continue doing whatever you were doing previously, unless you are considered "high risk". I've read this a bazillion times and confirmed with my doctor twice. So for any of you who are looking to "start trying", if you're not exercising now, you may want to start so that when you do become pregnant, and if you want to, you can continue your same exercise regimen. 

What I'm trying to say is you can't start working out the day you find out you're pregnant if you haven't even laced up your running shoes in the past 6 months.

If you have the energy, by all means, start exercising as soon as possible. Even if its a quick walk around the block.

For me, the first trimester was a complete doozy. From the day I found out until about week 13, I had no energy. Zero. Zilch. Nada. No...actually I had no energy before I found out (clue #1 I totally missed...) On top of that, my girls hurt like the dickens (NO LIE.) and the thought of them possibly bouncing around made me want to cry. Working out happened maybe 8 times throughout those first weeks...and that's being generous. It was all I could do to peel myself off the couch to take Oakley for a walk...which is not typical.

But this second trimester...woo! While I'm not participating in any triathlons or crossfitting or heck, even running at all, I can honestly say I've had the energy to work out consistently twice a week, in addition to taking Oakley on her normal 1-2 mile walks each day and for me and my current situation, I'm okay with that. I'd like to see myself get to three times a week but hey, I know my body needs rest, too, so I think it's important that I pay close attention to that.

I've been doing legs/butt one day, and then I flip flop to arms the next day. Though its inevitable that weight gain will happen, I really don't want to see myself turn into a pile of mush over these final 4 months so I'm doing what I can to tone this mush of mine as much as possible. ;) Plus, they say working out really helps with the delivery process, too. Anything to make that as smooth as possible...

Anywho...I've been asked a lot about my pregnancy workouts so in case any of you are wondering, here's my current leg/butt workout, along with a few really important exercise tips for any of you growing a baby. I promise you with the right amount of reps and weights, it can leave you hurting pretty good the next day! Good luck making it through round 3...and most of all, good luck making it through cardio without taking 8 potty breaks... HA!

While I hate making promises on this blog (because its rare that I actually keep them), I'd like to attempt to post my arm routine later this week, too.

But like I said...no promises! ;)


  1. These are such great tips for mommas-to-be!!

  2. thanks for sharing! i'm not pregnant, but looks like a good workout!

  3. I have to take about 75 more water breaks now, but I'm still going at it.

  4. Love hearing work out tips from healthy mommas to be :)

    I'm excited that I can continue the same workout routines I'm already doing regularly when the time comes, however I'm wondering if sit ups/crunches are still ok.

  5. you are so inspiring!! these are great tips!

  6. Yay for you being able to stay active! My friend and coworker, Kali, just had her water broke this morning but worked out all the way up until 37 weeks doing her cycling class! I am bound and determined that when I get pregnant I am going to be just as active. Hopefully I don't get hit with the morning sickness and all that like you did!!!

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  8. That's a great workout even for us non-pregnant ladies! Me and fire hydrants have a love-hate relationship! They hurt sooo good!


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