April 16, 2014

Hump Day || Bump Day - 19 Weeks

How far along: 19 weeks

Baby size: A large mango! Also, baby girl is about 6 inches long and weighs about half a pound!

Baby's progress: Baby can hear my heart and lungs, and also outside noises! (Everyone say "hi" to Paisley!") 

Weight gain: Not sure. I'll find out next week. Yikes!

Stretch marks: Negative. And I pray it stays this way.

Sleep: I'd like to say yes but seeing that Oakley literally stole every inch of my covers last night, I'm a little torn on this response. No but really...I was freezing ALL night long. I think she knows she's too heavy for me to move in the middle of the night...

Gender: GIRL!!!!!!!! Paisley Ann :)

Movement: Yes!! I swear this child is either river dancing or doing the macarena in my belly at night! It's usually after dinner, right before I go to bed when all of a sudden she comes to life and my stomach starts jumping around like crazy! Actually...she's literally moving as I type this post! Beau got to see it the other day but he hasn't quite felt it just yet. Every time he puts his hand on my stomach she goes back into hibernation mode. Ha. 

Best moment this week: All this movement!! It really is SO neat! 

Looking forward to: Un-baby related....I'm SO looking forward to mine and Beau's anniversary dinner tonight! I can't believe it's already been 3 years! Also to note-my baby brother gets married this weekend! I'm so excited to see all of our out-of-town family and for all the festivities to begin!! Not looking forward to...the reading I have to give at the ceremony. I'm honored, of course, but I'm already turning into nervous Nelly!

Food cravings: Lemon water and pickle juice. Still. And any type of sour candy. 

Weirdest food I ate this week: It's probably not "weird" for most people but I most definitely had a Dr. Pepper for the first time in a lonnnnng time. And I loved every sip of it. ;)

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope.

Labor Signs: Uh no.

What I miss: Wine. I could really go for a cold glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc right about now. Shoot...beggars can't be choosers. I'd kill for Franzia...

Symptoms: Growing belly (duh) and the most obnoxious frequent urination ever. I cannot express how annoying it is to go to the bathroom 163 times per day and 6 times in the middle of the night. Catheter, please! (Ok. Kidding on that part...) I feel dizzy sometimes when I stand up too fast and more than anything...I feel like I have to eat something every hour. Whether its a piece of fruit, or a pickle, or a Quest Bar...I feel like a bottomless pit!

Workouts: Getting there! I've worked out once this week so far, on top of my normal 1-2 mile daily walks with Oakie Bear but I plan on working out again on Thursday! (PS-in case you missed it and if you're interested, here's my leg/butt pregnancy workout plan and tomorrow I'll be posting my arm workout!)

Things that suck: Never knowing what articles of clothing I'll be able to fit into each day, however, I know it's all just a part of the process so I'm okay with it. Also-still undecided on nursery stuff. We've just about nailed down the color scheme and bedding but the crib is really throwing us a curve ball!

Things that don't suck: Celebrating 3 years of marriage with quite possibly the most kind-hearted, sweet baby daddy a girl could ever ask for! Happy anniversary, Beau! I love you more than I love Oakley...but please don't make me prove it. ;) 


  1. You're almost half way there!! Happy Anniversary!!

  2. EEEE you are so cute Steph and your little bump!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Three years i can't believe it!! I remember following along and reading about your wedding :) so cute!! have fun tonight at dinner and don't forget you already have a baby cooking in there but you can still practice for later down the line ;) WINK WINK! TMI?

    love you guys!!

  3. So cute! (and OMG, Beau's comment - adorable!) Happy Anniversary :)

  4. Laughed out loud when I read the "love you more than Oakley, but don't make me prove it." I feel the same way about my furbabies! ;)

  5. Happy Anniversary! You 2 are definitely an inspiration!

  6. How exciting! You guys are the cutest!

  7. I am so excited to continue to follow you on the pregnancy train! Lots of the bloggers are all getting ready to pop so its refreshing to see another new belly growing!

  8. Hi Paisley girl.. Congrats to your brother whom is getting married this weekend & I hope you enjoy your anniversary dinner :)

  9. Hi Paisley Ann! Happy Anniversary!!

  10. Congrats and Happy 3 years!

  11. Happy Anniversary! Hope you all have a wonderful night!

  12. I loved feeling Weston moving the most! :) So fun!!!

  13. You might say you're kidding about the catheter now but that was seriously one of my favorite parts of labor and something I am looking forward to again in 13 weeks! It was the best relief ever lol. Happy Anniversary!


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