April 29, 2014

The Mother Of All Gifts

I'm a big believer in not only giving gifts for every occasion possible, but giving the perfect gift.
For our anniversary this year, when Beau asked, I knew I wanted something that represented our baby girl. Maybe a dainty gold "P" on a simple chain, a bracelet with her initials...something I could wear and cherish for a long, long time. The only problem was...I didn't know what this something was...

...until this arrived on our doorstep in a box with my name on it.

I remember originally seeing this precious piece of antiqued bronze metal when we originally went to Restoration Hardware to look at baby cribs and I immediately fell in love. Who knew a furniture company also sold jewelry? And adorable jewelry, at that?!

Little did I know that Beau would remember exactly which one I wanted (nonetheless, spell her name right. Love you babe!) and give it to me for our third anniversary!

I put it around my neck and instantly fell in love with it all over again. I'd be lying if I said I didn't open it as soon as I found it on the doorstep without Beau even being home. #oops

This post is not sponsored by any means (though a sponsorship with RH Baby would be welcomed...cough, cough...hint, hint) but my real reason for writing about this is because I truly believe this has been the mother of all gifts, anniversary gifts, anyway. Forget the diamonds and whatever crazy jewels some husbands give their wives on their anniversaries...I'd settle for something like this any day! (Major brownie points, Beau.) And with Mother's Day literally around the corner, how perfect of a gift is this for any of your friends or family (or WIVES, for any husbands that might be reading?!) that are expecting their first little one or heck, even already the mom of a couple little ones?! This particular necklace comes in two different lengths, which means for more than one kiddo, they could easily be stacked and look as precious as ever! I've really considered getting another one that says "Oakley". Too much? ;)

Anywho...you really just need to know that Restoration Hardware Baby has a ton of cute personalized pieces that are excellent quality and really make a statement. The prices are far more reasonable than I would have imagined and the pieces feel so sturdy, rather than cheap and easily broken. Plus-they're so simple yet mean so so much!

Good luck picking yours out! ;)

To Beau, thank you thank you thank you for such a thoughtful anniversary gift that I will cherish forever and ever until the end of time...other than the baby girl you've given me, of course! Love you! :)


  1. I give Beau major props! Such a precious gift!

  2. Go Beau!!! That's so cute! :) I love my W necklace - I seriously never take it off!

  3. Beau did good :) Glad you love it sweet girl...

  4. Love it! I got one as a gift with mine and my hubby's initials and then our oldest daughters name below it on another disc. Now I've had another girl, I need to get another one! I did buy a necklace with a 4 on it(family of 4) and one with 2 little birds on it but I need their names or initials.

  5. I love it!! Is it lame that I want one with my sweet puppy's name... ;)

  6. SUPER cute stuff! I know this isn't sentimental at all, but for my first mother's day coming up, hubby told me to email him a link to a Michael Kors watch that I wanted. I'll take it!

  7. How precious! HE is a keeper!

  8. So cute and thoughtful! I definitely need to start hinting I want one ;)

  9. Excellent post! Last year i made my mom a letter.. I literally cried while doing it.. Then I gave it to her... Like a few minutes later she came into my room crying, she began to hug and kiss me. She said it was the best thing she ever received.. It was the best Mother's Day ever.. thanks!
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  11. Thank you very much for your excellent service. My gorgeous guy is so happy to receive the cake and the card. I can never thank you enough for making his birthday a memorable one! I will surely promote your service to my friends.gifts to pakistan


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