August 23, 2010

Bad bride...

I find myself to be a very organized person. Anyone who knows me would probably agree...even my attorney! (She really did tell me that!) I've always been this way. And I always will. (Well, maybe I'll rethink that last statement after this post...) Throughout all this wedding planning, I've had calendar after calendar and spreadsheet after spreadsheet that I keep on my person at ALL times...hey, you never know when you might need to bust one out! Anyways...I might as well get straight to the point...

See this...

And this...
And this...
These are my organizers/planners/calenders/life. These are what keep me the sane working, wedding planning, exercising, on-the-go fool that I am. I write EVERYTHING down in both of these. Yes, the same thing...written twice. (It's repetition people!) I've learned over the past couple of years that if it doesn't get written down...chances are it's NOT going to happen.

When I do write something down, it usually gets done.
(That says- August 22: NW Forest Open House...which is when my wedding venue holds their food tastings for weddings.)
Gets done my ass! I left my organizers/planners/calenders/life at my office over the weekend.
Yup-that's a big fat "X" because we missed the ENTIRE event!BAD BRIDE!
How did I let us miss our tasting?!

I realized this, oh, at 8pm Sunday night...we were supposed to go at like, oh, 2pm. I immediately texted our wedding coordinator to tell her 1. that I was a total moron and 2. to ask her when the next one would be scheduled. She replied,"Probably January". Really, Stephanie?! Grr..I took my lazy, unproductive Sunday for granted and literally did nothing.

So shame on me. How dare I think I could sneak away from the planners for one, single weekend! Never again...


  1. Yikes! That sucks, I'm so sorry!! Maybe they'll do something private for you? My husband doesn't make a to-do list at all, he just "keeps it in his head." I don't know what kind of freak he is...cause I'm like you...if I don't write it's not getting done! I use the calendar on my iPhone (synced w/Outlook) but I always have a notebook with me where I keep my lists.

  2. uggggh I am the SAME WAY though with planners and having to jot everything down! I was actually looking at cute organizers last week on Etsy! (didn't really find anything btw before you waste 10 minutes of your life searching) I cannot wait until I get engaged because there are really neat bridal organizers you can get at's sad we get excited about planners! hahaha

  3. Oh bummer! I am totally the same way...if it's not on my calendar it doesn't happen!

  4. I wish I was the same way! I have made several attempts at using a calendar in my personal life and it lasts about a month. I do like to be organized, but it takes a lot of effort on my part. Not to worry Steph, it will all come together. Even a hurricane won't get in the way! ;)

  5. Oh no! I would do the exact same thing though. If I don't make lists or set reminders in my blackberry I would forget everything! Hope you can sneak into a tasting before January!!

    And... too cute about your fiance 'knowing a football player'! Thanks so much for the support girl, I really appreciate it!!


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