August 20, 2010

It's so stinkin' close I can taste it...

That's right-COLLEGE FOOTBALL is almost here!!!!
Two weekends from now we will be soaking up the fresh smell of beer and sweaty tailgaters at good ole' Robertson Stadium and to be quite honest...I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT! I love going back to campus, wearing cute UH gear, seeing old sorority sisters and cheering for our Cougars with the best of friends!! Who wouldn't love that! Beau and I went in with about 20 other friends and got season tickets this year so we don't have to mooch off of our friends to find tickets last minute anymore!

With Case Keenum as the QB we are definitely headed in the right direction for the season!
Although I am not a fan of cold weather, my favorite football games are the ones where we get to wear jeans and a hoodie and I get to snuggle up next to my love while drinking hot chocolate. Ahh...memories! :)

So here's to whipping out the good ole' shocker Cougar paw & rooting for our home team!



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