August 2, 2010

Pictures, Astro's & Babies!

Yup,that pretty much sums up my weekend!

Friday afternoon, Beau & I had some wedding errands to run and in the middle of it all I got the best news EVERRRR. It was our photographer emailing us to let us know OUR ENGAGEMENT PICTURES WERE ONLINE!!!!! After checking my email every 30 seconds since last Sunday, they are finally here!! They are on the website as of now but as soon as I get the CD I will post them STAT! Ugh-so extremely pleased with them! Beau is so dang pretty! ;) Not to mention, he's going to make really pretty babies one day!

Later that night we took one of our BCF's (best couple friends...yes...I made that up just now) Jared and Margie to the Astro's game for their birthday. The Astro's actually won for a change, yes, without Berkman. I have to be honest, I'm so sad to see him leave. Our team hasn't been the same since Bags, Biggio, and Ausmus left...and now Berkman is gone too?? :( As always, we ended the night at the normal hole in the wall, Hunter's Pub, which we find ourselves at every Friday night these days. (As you can tell, I am just the slightest bit burnt out of Hunter's Pub.)

Check out the kid behind us. "Hey lady, get that big ass pink bow outta my way!"

Saturday consisted of an all day baby shower...or so it felt. It was a couple's shower for Beau's frat brother, Andy, and his wife. They had booze there which always makes for a good time but to be honest, I am SO not into baby showers...especially baby showers that are over an hour away and last SIX, yes, SIX hours long! I know that probably sounds un-motherly and selfish of me but come on. To say the least, I was itching to leave more so than Beau. Weird.

The soon-to-be/cant-wait-to-be Howard's
Me & Ashley
The Bright's ;)
Two wrongs don't make a right...or do they?! <3
The guys playing the "hairy leg" game. Future Mama had to pick out which guy's hairy leg belonged to her husband while blindfolded. So funny! And she was right on!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Well, until I shattered the screen of Beau's brand new iPhone4. Ugh-talk about making someone feel terrible. It was wrapped in his shirt at the pool and he asked me to pick it up for him, not knowing it was in there, and there it went. Face first on the hot cement. We took it to Apple and found out some really good news! If you pay with an American Express Gold card and it gets lost, stolen or damaged within 90 days...AmEx will reimburse you for the replacement! GENIUS! And I LOVE you American Express!!

p.s.-sorry for not being such an active blogger lately. I've taken on some new "responsibilities" at work that have kinda taken over my lunch breaks and my evenings, which is usually when I blog. As soon as I get things under control, I promise I won't neglect you girlies!

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  1. I've decided I'm going to annex you into my department for reals. :) Just letting you know my plan.


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