August 31, 2010

Wedding Wednesday! (almost...)


It's the little things like this that make wedding planning (for me!) so much fun!

I made these for all my girls to hang their dresses on the day of the wedding! (Oh yea, and one for me & Beau too.)

Front of mine & Beau's hangers

Mine (of course!) has a little extra bling!
...what's a bride with no bling?!

...and don't forget the back!

The "o" is a diamond ring! :)

These were supposed to be a surprise for the girls but I know they are reading this and therefore...I ruined my own surprise. I couldn't wait! These turned out SO stinkin' cute! Sorry girls! More surprises to come!!

Anyways, if you would like to make these for any occasion, leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I'll be happy to help you! Or better yet, make them for you & ship them to you!


  1. SOOOOOOO cute!!! Love them boo!

    go check out the video of your nephew!

  2. those are sooooooo cute! your bm's will love them :)

  3. Those are super cute!! :)

  4. Those hangers are so adorable! Love the font (I'm a total font snob ;)).

  5. Love it! You are such a thoughtful bride!


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