August 18, 2010

Wedding Wednesday!

Honeymoon = Booked!

Yep! I received a phone call from the fiance telling me he has officially booked our honeymoon! One more thing off our list!

Honeymoon = Destination Unknown! (eeek!)

That's right! Beau booked the honeymoon and I have no idea where we are going and I WON'T know until we get there!

I did, however, lay down a few ground rules.
I told him that it
had to be 5 days or longer and it had to be somewhere tropical so I would be able to wear my pink "Just Married" bikini and my white "Newlywed" bikini!
DUH! Hopefully, he followed the rules but I honestly couldn't even guess as to where we are going! He has referred several times to the following:

Camel riding
Hunting in South Africa
Scarves & coats
Deep sea fishing

I get a little worried when he says things like "We need to buy you camo for the honeymoon" but then again I know he booked it somewhere we would both enjoy! Exciting!!

Next step... invitations!


  1. How fun! Can't wait to find out where you are going!

  2. ha ha ha there better be no camo involved. And we always get our girlfriends "bride" bikinis for their bachelorette! Hmmm perhaps PinkLouLou will have to do a little shopping!! They are so cute, we get Bride written in rhinestones on the bottoms, its tres adorable.

  3. YOu are a brave brave soul....I would have to know every min-UTE detail about everything because I kind of have to be in control about planning.....

    still puzzled by the camo.....hahaha
    Maybe that is for the bedroom?

  4. That is so awesome that you let him plan it all. Brave, but awesome. It won't matter where you are, it'll be great anyways.

    Are these little mentions or hints being dropped to throw you off? Oh, the suspense!! ☺


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