August 22, 2010

Have you ever thought to yourself...

"What would people think if they ever listened to my conversations?"

Well, I have.

This past Saturday night Beau and I were at dinner and decided to get crab legs. As soon as Beau got his hands on the first crab leg I heard a sly squeal come from him. Loud enough to where I could clearly hear it but quiet enough to be sure no one else could hear him.

Me: What was that?!
Beau: It's the sound my crab made when I ripped his leg off.

Little things like this just crack me up so I asked him,"Do you ever wonder what people would think of us if they actually heard all the dumb things we talk about?" He agreed that we probably wouldn't have any friends and that our intelligence would totally be questioned but nonetheless, we went on with our useless conversations!

As dinner continued, we made our typical small talk. Beau questioned the picture on the wall of a kid holding a fish 5 times the size of him. He put so much thought into it he preceded to ask the waiter about it. As dessert came out (nothing less than bread pudding!) Beau asked our waiter to bring ice cream with it. The ice cream arrived and that's when I know I was marrying someone that would make me laugh for the rest of my life. (Ok so I've known this for a while now but this was one more thing to confirm that indeed, it was true.)

He looked at his mouth watering bowl of vanilla bean ice cream, tilted his head to
the side, and I'm not exaggerating one bit when I say that he put his face really
close to the bowl and said (to his ice cream),"I don't even need all that bread pudding because I've got you. I love you ice creeeaaam!" As I watched all this unfold in front of me at dinner, in public, it just tickled me pink.

I can't sit here and say I don't throw in my antics here and there (because I most definitely do) so I will admit to the couple of absolutely stupid things I did at dinner.

I wasn't the one who busted out the song "Stuck Like Glue" multiple times throughout our meal (No names) but I will admit to the fact that I may or may not have fallen out of the booth, which totally was the booth's fault. I also may or may not have given my crab claw crackers a little pep talk and last, Beau and I most definitely commented over and over again how much we loved Fish City Grill's ice. Really? Their ice cubes?! And to end the night, we spent an hour sitting at the bar playing a video game where we had to get penguins to the other side of the river. (Hi. How old are we?!) Beau blamed the computer for cheating, which confirms that yes, I won and yes, Beau can sometimes be a sore loser.

I honestly do wonder what people would think if they heard half the stuff that came out of my mouth, but hey, someone's gotta ask all the stupid questions or confess their love to their bowl of ice cream, and those "someone's" just might be Beau & I!

What would people think of YOU if they ever heard your sometimes pointless conversations?


  1. Ha ha too cute. Ok about the ice- SO not weird because i am an ice snob and will drive out of my way to hit up the Thorntons no where near my house just so I can get a diet coke fountain drink with the tiny little round pieces of ice. *le sigh* it is heavenly.

  2. I love you & beaus convos!! Im not going to lie... I look forward to EVERY moment I get to spend with the two of you because I KNOW for sure that it will be hysterical!!

    You know I HATE road trips and the only exception to my "any trip over 2 1/2 hours requires a plane ticket" rule is our river trips!!

    Love you boo!

  3. This just made my day. Now because I learned a lot about you personality, AND because I now know I am not the only one with a man that has crazy conversations. I seriously ask myself all the time, "I wonder what they are thinking about our retarded conversation?" Alex and I have dumb sayings and crack up at the silliest things. I am so glad I am not alone in this. Hahaha!


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