January 30, 2011

On lock down.

It's Saturday night. Beau and I just got back from watching "No Strings Attached" (which by the way was soooo cute!) but that's not the point. Why am I blogging on a Saturday night at 1am? Ooohhh because I, yes I, not Beau, locked us out and what better thing to do than blog about it, right?! And for the record...there was no alcohol involved.

Our friends Ashley and Todd dropped us off after the movie and since we had keys to what we thought went to the garage door we told them to head on home since it was late.


Keys didn't work.

Fortunately Beau has keyless entry on his truck so we aren't stuck out in the cold and if, just IF, his keys were in his truck like they are 99% of the time, we would be driving to one of our parents' houses so we could more easily deal with this mess tomorrow morning.


His keys are in the house.

So. Here we are. Sitting in his truck waiting for maintenance to come unlock us out. ETA for maintenance man was 20 minutes. We are going on 45 now. Apparently Jose is on island time.

Bed is calling my name. ( and not to mention I am DYING to wash my face. You know that feeling??)

Fiance and I have entertained each other enough and are ready to just get in our warm, cozy, comfy bed. Poop.

Happy Saturday night, folks! While most of you are probably stumbling out of your cab from your favorite adult hang out, I'm waiting on the man with the magical key...

This would be me...anxiously awaiting his arrival...

Don't I just look thrilled?!




  1. LOL this is all too familiar for me... I feel like I lock myself out of my car a ton especially at the most inconvenient times (like right before a wedding and having to wait over an hour for "Jose" to get off his ass and stop eating donuts) to come help me! :) I want to see that movie!

  2. lol that is pretty funny, but we have done it too, in fact, we were heading to a wedding (running late in fact), pulled the door locked behind us, went to get in the car... didn't have any car keys! Well we also didn't have keys to get back in the house!! We had hidden a key in the shed, but I had used it earlier that week and forgot to take it back... we had to call M's parents to come and let us in! So, as long as you remember to put the key back outside after use, hide a key!! lol
    Oh and I thought the movie was great too!!

  3. Lol that is too funny! Sounds like something I would do. I really want to see No Strings Attached though, it looks really cute!


  4. AWww maaan!! That sucks girl. Hope you home safe and sound now!

  5. OH NO! That sucks! Hope it all got worked out!

  6. Hahahaha, awwwww!! That totally stinks!! I have done that a time or two!! Hope y'all got in!

    I totally hate that feeling of needing to wash my face...like right this instant wash it or I'll scream! Haha!

  7. I HATTTEEE the "need to wash my face" feeling...ugh. Sorry about your lock out :( That sucks. We went to see No Strings Attached on Sunday, and I really liked it!! I think Natalie Portman is so pretty...


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