June 13, 2011

Hide yo cats, hide yo man

What can I say??
Homegirl haz issuez. Like, big ones.

How the french toast is this chick
an MBA grad from Villanova???

Thanks, Debbie for making me feel better about myself.

Beau-you totally hit the wife lottery.
You coulda married this whackjob.

Just sayin'...


  1. Yeah, I dont think she will be finding to many men to date with that video.

  2. Is she serious??? I died laughing...HAHA!!!!!!

  3. I hope this is a joke, or she has some serious issues!

  4. OH MY GOSH! I can't stop laughing. I must share!

  5. I like cats...but I'm not crying over them. Girl is seriously crazypants!

  6. Yea.....there is no reason I should still be single with girls like this out there! :)


  7. o.m.g. Did that just happen? lol
    My question is... there has to be no way she watched that back and thought, "Perfect! I'll post it right away!" I would have deleted that thing and never put it on the web!

  8. Seriously, the first time I saw this, I nearly died.

  9. i think i loved this even more because i hate cats so much. what a freak.


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